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  By Ambrosia Chau (Hong Kong) 文:仇慧庄(香港)             Fortune God: Yuk Choi Warehouse’s Ken Lam 财神: 育才物流货仓的林国键 Blessings abounded for our colleagues as Popular Hong Kong organised its first God of Wealth event during the Chinese New Year! 香港大众首次安排财神与运 财福星向同仁们拜年,送上 虎年祝福! Welcoming the God of Wealth 壬寅年喜迎财神      The Chinese New Year was here again! Joy filled the air as people expressed hopes for prosperity. In the first event of its sort for Popular Hong Kong, we welcomed the God of Wealth, who arrived in a party led by Lam Kwok Kin, Ken, from Yuk Choi Warehouse along with three other colleagues from the Human Resources and Administration Department dressed up as Fortune Stars. On the seventh day of the Chinese New Year (Renri, the common person’s birthday), the four of them brought red packets, fai chun traditional decorations, and New Year’s candies to colleagues in the Popular Hong Kong offices and logistics warehouse, creating a jubilant atmosphere. The auspicious greetings on the fai chun brought well wishes of a good start to a smooth-sailing year. According to Tales of Cauldron- Casting, the folk custom of welcoming the God of Wealth is said to have originated from the Southern Qi dynasty, when the five Chai brothers were known as “The Five Gods of Wealth of Xian” as all their names began with the “显” (xian) character. The brothers were hunters who hunted fearsome beasts and collected herbs for the less fortunate for the treating of injuries and diseases. Hence, they were loved by the people. After their deaths, the people’s immense respect for them saw them deified as the Five Xian Gods or Five Xian Kings. In fact, worshipping the God of Wealth is not a simple matter of seeking greater wealth, but to pass on his spirit of giving and generosity. Wisdom is, after all, the greatest wealth in life. (Translated by Daryl Li)  Mr Ponch Poon, CEO (Greater China & Canada) 大众集团(大中华及加拿大)行政总裁潘志伟先生 139 popularnews - 23 

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