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 A Corner of 爱心关怀加油站 Popular Malaysia’s simple gestures during the COVID-19 pandemic symbolise POPULAR’s support and gratitude to all our staff. 冠病疫情期间,马来西亚大众以暖心行动,表达对同仁的支持和感激。 By Perrin Liaw Chai Wui (Malaysia) 文:廖采薇(马来西亚)  The changes that the COVID-19 pandemic have brought to the workplace in the past few years have impacted staff morale at many companies around the world. Indeed, the lockdowns, safe distancing measures, mask wearing and quarantine requirements have reportedly led to heightened fear, stress, and anxiety among individuals globally. Supporting Our Staff Through the Pandemic Therefore, the Training & Development team of Popular Malaysia’s Human Resource Department set up a “POP Care Corner” to provide encouragement for our staff on the long and winding road out of the pandemic. An internal helpline called “Reach Out to Us” was also established to care for our staff’s mental well-being by assisting them with issues about their health and enquiries related to COVID-19. Popular Malaysia has also been sending gifts, like fruit baskets, health equipment, and supplements, to staff down with COVID-19. A specially designed card, along with notes from fellow POPULAR family members, is included to convey our well wishes and encouragement. These gestures may be simple, but they symbolise POPULAR’s support towards the mental and physical well-being of all our staff. We are POPULAR Because of You Last but certainly not least, Popular Malaysia would like to express our gratitude to all frontline staff for their commitment and dedication throughout the pandemic. We are POPULAR because of you and everyone else in our big family! 过去几年,冠病疫情改变了职场环 境,影响了全球许多公司员工的 士气。的确,封城、安全距离措施、戴 口罩、强制检测等,已加剧了人们的恐 惧、压力和焦虑。 相互扶持,共渡难关 有鉴于此,马来西亚大众人力资源部旗 下的培训与发展组成立了“爱心关怀加 油站”,鼓励同仁,提振士气。团队也 开通了内部的“关怀热线”,协助处理 同仁的健康事宜以及疫情相关咨询。 团队为受疫情影响的同仁送上慰问 品,比如果篮、保健品等。写满问候的 精美卡片,为同仁捎来美好的祝愿和鼓 励。这些举动看似微不足道,却代表着 大众对所有同仁身心健康的关怀。 大众家庭,因你出众 最后,马来西亚大众要对在疫情期间 坚守岗位、热情奉献的前线同仁致以谢 意:正因为有你们,我们才能成为如此 出众的大众大家庭! (翻译:沈远安)      22 - popularnews 139 

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