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  By Priscilla Darshini (Malaysia) 文: 普里西拉·达士尼(马来西亚)   As a Team , We Are Passionate about our work Optimistic about the future Proud of who we are Understanding towards each other Light-hearted when we communicate Adaptable to our surroundings Reliable at all times That’s what we aspire to be And teamwork makes our dream come true! 团队成就我们      热情工作      乐对未来      以己为荣      互谅互爱      愉悦沟通      适应环境      时时可靠  这就是我们渴望成为的人 而团队精神让我们梦想成真! (翻译:郭诗玲) 138 popularnews - 35 

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