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    Keeping in the Same Place in 2022 Counting down to 2022 in a few more days Reflecting on what have I’ve accomplished in 2021 Forced to toughen up Facing the pandemic situation And even greater challenges this year With the MCO and pandemic challenges With constant fluctuations, uncertainty is the norm The need to react, fast and flexible Must be in our natural reflex The only constant is change! Work has been extremely challenging The pace of the e-commerce industry So fast that It takes all the running you can do To keep in the same place 守阵2022 再过几天倒数2022年 回想2021年完成的事 被逼刚强 面对疫情 以及更大的挑战   行动管制令,疫情挑战   持续起伏,未知成常态     迅速灵活的反应     必然是自然反射   唯一不变的,就是改变!     工作挑战巨大     电子商务步伐       快到     需尽全力奔跑      才能守阵 重温2021年 这拥抱多变科技的一年 无穷新知 数码行销、客户服务、电子商务 除了经营网站,还有交易平台 2022年会怎样? 更多新知学问 电子商务转型势必持续 提供更优质的用户体验 永是我们奋斗的目标 让我们果敢坚毅 认真谨慎,热情高昂 当我们拥抱2022年 唯有全力奔跑 才能守阵 By Tan Soo Lin (Malaysia) 文: 陈思伶(马来西亚)  Revisiting my memories in 2021 A year to embrace the ever-changing technology industry Frequently learning the latest knowledge In Digital Marketing, Customer Service, and E-Commerce overall Not only for the website, but also for the Marketplace What will 2022 bring? Even more knowledge to grasp The e-commerce landscape will continue to transform For one main reason – a better user experience Which we always prioritise for success Let’s be courageous and brave Conscientious, high-spirited, and enthusiastic As we embrace 2022 It takes all the running you can do To keep in the same place (翻译:郭诗玲) 138 popularnews - 37 

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