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  The POPULAR Readers’ Choice Awards brings together authors, publishers, readers, and our partners to recognise local literature 大众读者票选好书奖齐聚了作家、出版社、读者,以及我们的伙伴,肯定本地优秀的文学著作 literature, recognising the hard work that writers put into producing good writing and encouraging more writers to publish their works. Growing With the Industry Through the years, we have witnessed the progress of RCA as it takes root and blossoms in the local literary scene. This year, we are celebrating RCA’s 10th anniversary. The road ahead is no less winding, but POPULAR is not taking the challenge on alone. We have been working closely with our partners – Singapore Book Council, National Library Board and National Arts Council – who have been giving their strong support to RCA by calling for votes, promoting nominated books, and attending the RCA prize presentation ceremony every year without fail to support local authors and publishers. POPULAR has delivered on our promises through our sheer commitment and dedication, even in tough times like the current pandemic. Following the implementation of strict measures to curb the spread of COVID-19, Popular Singapore believed it was important for us to continue our support of local authors and publishers during the pandemic. Thus, an online prize presentation ceremony was held in 2020 to connect the authors and readers virtually. Honouring Local Talents RCA’s 10th year milestone did not come easy. Each year, 30 authors and their works are nominated under three categories: English (Adult), English (Children), and Chinese. The winners are then decided by the readers as they cast their votes for their favourite authors or books. Over the years, it has been heartening to see an increasing diversity of works and authors of different backgrounds. From debut writers and established authors, to politicians, lawyers, doctors, and actors. It is said that variety is the spice of life, and such increasing diversity in local literature will definitely spice up the local literary scene. Some of the RCA’s biggest winners have come from the English (Children) category. A.J. Low, the husband-and-wife writing duo comprising of Adan Jimenez and Felicia Low-Jimenez, is an eight-time nominee and four-time winner. They have once again been nominated this year. The protagonist of their bestselling series, Sherlock Sam, is an 11-year-old detective who has an obsession with Sherlock Holmes, superheroes, and comic books. There are now 16 books in the whole series, all of which have been a hit with the young readers. Adeline Foo is another prominent author who has made her mark at RCA. Nominated five times in total, Adeline has been crowned the winner on multiple occasions. Her famed creation, The Diary of Amos Lee, is so popular with schoolchildren that she has gone on to develop many different themes, including one in which Amos Lee travels around the world to explore destinations like Taipei, Seoul and Australia. Renowned Chinese authors You Jin and Ang Thiam Poh are also regularly seen at the RCA prize presentation ceremonies. The former received the inaugural Singapore Chinese Literary Award given out by the Singapore Literature Society in 1991. She is a six-time RCA nominee and has won twice. Meanwhile, Ang Thiam Poh is the author of the widely popular comic series It's This Class Again. His work brilliantly captures hilarious classroom antics, and has a strong following of students who relate to 10 - popularnews 136 

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