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  his stories. Even teachers and parents can see the lighter side of the way he pokes fun at the daily struggles of educating young minds. It was not just the local writers who were in the limelight at the RCA prize presentation ceremonies, but also local illustrators like Patrick Yee, whose illustrated series Harry Grows Up (2015) and Harry Builds a Nation (2016) emerged winners in the English (Children) category. He collaborated with Chinese writer Denon Lim to create The Story of Red Headscarf (2018) and The Story of Coolie (2020), both of which also won in the Chinese category. Ode to the Readers While local authors are the stars of the RCA prize presentation ceremonies, their victory could not have been possible without the support of the readers. For the many local writers who have set their sights beyond the borders, the readership in their home country is vital. Our readers have shown their support through voting in the RCA. For this year’s RCA, our readers also get to vote for their favourite book cover in the newly introduced “Best Book Cover Award” to recognise the creativity and inspiration that goes into book cover design. On POPULAR’s part, every effort has been made to ensure that the nominated titles of this year’s RCA are readily available in our outlets throughout Singapore, alongside the nominees of the past editions of the RCA, with a 20% discount on all nominated titles to further attract the attention of our customers. More importantly, the discount is our gesture to thank the readers for participating in the voting for their favourite local writers or books. POPULAR strongly believes in the power of words in stories. In reality, it is the belief of our founder, Mr Chou Sing Chu, that reading will benefit everyone that drove POPULAR to become the largest bookstore chain in the region. Staying the course through the challenging times, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all our readers, and everyone in the publishing industry, including the authors, the publishers and our partners. Let us continue to work together to see our local authors push boundaries and make waves. 好书是好书局的皇冠,这是大众书 局全力推广本地文学的缘起,而 大众读者票选好书奖( 下称“ 好书奖”), 即是支持本地作家与作品的最佳明证。 作为大众年度盛事的新加坡海外华 文书市的压轴活动,好书奖在过往的10 年已成为本地新晋作家与知名作家展示 作品的平台,促进新加坡文学发展。好 书奖不仅为作家与读者提供良机,提升 新华文学的知名度,也肯定作家创作好 书的贡献,并鼓励更多作家出版作品。 与业界同行 好书奖这几年在本地文坛的深耕与发展 有目共睹,今年即步入10周年。尽管前 路曲折,但大众绝非孤身奋战,像新加 坡书籍理事会、国家图书馆管理局,以 及国家艺术理事会,都是一路携行的伙 伴,齐力为好书奖拉票、宣传获提名的 书籍、每年参加好书奖颁奖典礼等,不 遗余力地支持本地作家与出版社。 Authors, publishers and our partners were invited to a short get-together to connect and share ideas before the prize presentation ceremony 颁奖礼开始前,作家、出版社,以及我们的伙伴相聚欢  The youngest writer to win at the POPULAR Readers’ Choice Awards is Gabby Tye (right), who clinched the 3rd prize in the English (Children) category at the age of 15 for her book, Run, in 2014 大众读者票选好书奖上最年轻的作家Gabby Tye(右), 她以15岁(2014年)时出版的童书《Run》, 获得英文(童书)组别的第三奖 136 popularnews - 11 

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