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 te Christine Chiang, R. 一位触动人心的同仁。 spearheaded the use of the Singapore Expo for large-scale sales event by others in the retail industry. But Christine did not rest on her laurels. Instead, she saw the tremendous advantage that the POS system could bring to POPULAR and seized the opportunity to introduce the system to all POPULAR bookstores in Singapore and Malaysia, making it easier for our staff to record sales transactions. The increased efficiency also led to a significant boost in the service standards. The POS system proved so effective that it is still being used today. The success of the roadshow at Singapore Expo left a profound and lasting influence on POPULAR’s retail strategy. POPULAR’s Roadshow Team was established shortly after. Their subsequent success eventually led to the idea of setting up “BookFest”, with the Roadshow Team becoming the core team for it years later. Though POPULAR’s annual signature event in Singapore and Malaysia now boasts a turnout in the tens of thousands, visitors to 131 popularnews - 25 , 

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