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 a boost through her knowledge of IT and POPULAR’s BI system. As both EPH and PeLH had developed vast pools of content and cutting-edge technology in e-learning in their years of publishing, she realised that aligning the content and platforms they used with the BI system would create a competitive advantage in meeting the future learning needs of our children that only POPULAR could offer. In November 2013, EPH launched Go.easal2, an e-assessment platform to help students gain a head start in building a strong foundation for learning, and followed this up with an agreement with StarHub in December 2013 to jointly offer the online learning portal AssessMe to keep up with the changing needs of students. Primary school students could have access to over 40,000 assessment questions from over 3,000 English, Mathematics and Science worksheets. This was a trailblazing move beyond the traditional brick-and- mortar business of POPULAR. Internally, Christine reviewed EPH’s publishing plan thoroughly to phase out obsolete titles and added new titles that would sport updated contents and lively designs, ensuring that EPH stayed in touch with the preferences of younger customers. Her other priority was to work with schools to ensure that EPH’s publications would be readily available to their students. In her seven years at the helm, Christine guided EPH through the choppy waters of competition and her strategies bore fruit in the general retail and school markets. Today, EPH remains the dominant educational books publisher in the market. Deeply Missed and Remembered Christine lost her battle against cancer on 8 October 2020 at the age of 53. The loss of Christine has been tremendously painful for both Christine’s family and her colleagues at POPULAR. When Christine had to leave work to start her chemo treatment in November 2018, her colleagues from different departments came together to fold more than 1,000 paper cranes during their lunchtime as well wishes for her recovery. Former Popular Singapore Retail Director Jo Lee set up a memorial website ( for tributes to Christine and to provide emotional support to Christine’s family. As tributes continue to come in from colleagues, ex-colleagues and friends, Christine’s husband, Mr Lawrence Tan, has decided to keep it open for everyone to share their stories of Christine.  冲击。沙斯危机刚结束,为了与顾客重 新接轨,惠贞决定在新加坡博览中心举 办占地三万平方英尺的大型展销会。 这个构想在当时可说是史无前例, 新加坡博览中心位于岛国偏远的东部, 当时还没有企业曾经使用该展览厅举办 如此大型的展销会。这项前瞻性的举措 成功与否,取决于大众各部门必须严谨 筹策与紧密合作。惠贞请求科技资讯部 提供在场的销售点解决方案(POS), 但当时前卫的结账终端系统尚未被新加 坡零售业者广泛采用,大众也不例外。 当时美金入职大众未满一年,她和 团队立即采取行动,一路披荆斩棘,为 展会及时设置新系统。展销会取得空前 成功,大众一举引领商业潮流,使得新 加坡博览中心成为其他零售业者举办大 型展销会的佳选。然而美金并未因此松 懈,反而敏锐地注意到POS结账系统的 巨大优势,于是她把握良机,将这套系 统推介至新马两地的大众书局,使员工 更易追踪交易记录,提升服务水平。基 于POS系统的高效操作,这套系统一直 沿用至今。 新加坡博览中心展销会的成功举 行,为大众零售业务的发展另辟蹊径, 开拓商机。大众展销会团队在不久后成 立。由于展销会连奏凯歌,举办“大型 书市”的概念也随之应运而生。数年 后,展销会团队遂成为“书市”的生力 军。如今,大众在新马两地举办的年度 海外华文书市盛会吸引成千上万的顾客 到访,虽然人潮汹涌,但结账过程简易 快捷,全赖高效的POS系统厥功至伟。 书市已成为大众推出新科技与数码应用 程序的试验场,必将进一步改变我们为 顾客服务的模式。2018年12月,大众 启用了自家的手机应用程序“POPULAR SG”,将大众会员忠诚计划推向另一 高峰。 美金心怀大志,希望进一步提升大 众的零售系统。在2006至2007年间, 131 popularnews - 27 

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