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Let’s join the latest “POP Corner” feature in Popular News! 快参加《大众资讯》“众的声音”征稿活动!
         Introducing a new feature in “POP Corner” starting from this issue of Popular News! Regardless of your role and location, share your experience of working in POPULAR with the rest of the POPULAR family!
Write about anything related to your work in English, Chinese, or Malay. Or, send us a photo of you at work (preferably with all your colleagues!) and write a catchy caption to tell us about your work experience. Record down that precious moment! You can even submit a poem or illustration!
Submission is easy! Simply email your submission to us with the title “The POPULAR Heartbeat” when you are done! Remember to include many photos with your submission! If your submission is chosen for publication, you will receive SGD 50.
In this inaugural instalment of “The POPULAR Heartbeat”, let us join three Popular Singapore staff as they share their POPULAR journeys.
Contest rules and regulations:
1. Send in your submission before 15 July 2020 (Wednesday).
2. For essays, your submission should be at least 250 words.
3. Ensure that your submitted photos are in the highest
possible resolution.
4. Email your submission to
with “ The POPULAR Heartbeat” as the subject and include your full name, designation, department, email, and contact numbers.
从本期《大众资讯》开始,我们将在“众的声音”推出新栏 目“众心齐动”。无论您担任何职、处于何地,我们都欢迎 您与大众家族分享您在大众工作的经验!
您可以英文、华文或马来文书写,告诉大家您在职场生活的 点点滴滴。您也可以呈交在职场工作的照片(您与其他同事 们的合照为宜!),并附上相关的说明简介。诗歌和画作也 一律欢迎喔!
投稿方式非常简单,只需通过电邮呈交作品,标题注明“众 心齐动”。也请附上相关高清照片,多多益善!作品一经刊 登,您将能获得50新元以示鼓励。
首期的“众心齐动”,让我们品阅三位新加坡大众同仁的美 文,与他们一起踏上大众职场之旅。
1. 第二期截稿日期: 2020年7月15日(星期三)。
2. 文稿须至少250字。
3. 请确保照片像素高清。
4. 请将作品电邮至,标题 注明为“众心齐动”,并附上您的全名、职称、部门、电 邮地址与电话号码。
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