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        Soaring With The Right Attitude 态度决定高度
Through 17 years of working with her colleagues, Leow Mui Eng has constantly shone at POPULAR!
Ihave been working in POPULAR for 17 years, which have gone by in the twinkling of an eye. When I joined POPULAR as a
part-timer, our headquarters was still based in Bras Basah Complex. It was a memorable time. Besides our excellent team leader, there was a group of good colleagues in my team. We went through thick and thin together, helping one another along. We took “Best Store” honours for three consecutive years, achieving a seemingly
impossible feat. Though work was tough and demanding, we were happy. Some of my teammates have since left and others transferred to different outlets, but I still treasure the memories looking at our group photo as I look to seize the present and the future.
Meeting the Challenges Head On
Service staff have to have a clear
understanding of their vocation, so as to provide impeccable customer service through every aspect of our interaction with our customers. From a smile and greetings, to our attitude and body language when attending to them. Since we have chosen the service industry as a career, we should commit and devote ourselves to providing excellent service as it is our responsibility and obligation.
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By Leow Mui Eng (Singapore) 文:廖楣瑛(新加坡)
  I have encountered many challenges

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