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 At HKBF 2022, Kam Pui Enterprises and Smart English focused on children’s books and promoting reading 一年一度书展开锣,“金培”及尖子英语以童书为主打,推广阅读 guide their children in mastering the key points. Addressing the learning needs of preschoolers, Smart English’s four-volume Out Loud! series of children’s books introduces foundational concepts such as counting, colours, and the English alphabet. Included with each book is English audio, accessible by simply scanning the QR code, letting children listen to the stories and nursery rhymes while looking at the colourful illustrations. With the special tactile design, children can get hands- on with the books as they read aloud or sing along! Thrilling Book Launches Apart from the hottest new books, another main draw for booklovers was the author sharing sessions. This year, Kam Pui Enterprises invited popular authors under its banner to introduce their new works. Renowned online cookbook author Kaso released her first book Low-Sugar Keto Cooking for One. Besides introducing recipes from the book, Kaso interacted with readers through games as well, giving everyone a deeper understanding of a keto diet. Exercise is also crucial to maintaining good health. Dr Lobo Louie Hung Tak, currently Senior Lecturer and Deputy Head at the Department of Health and Physical Education (HPE) of the Education University of Hong Kong, and Dr Leung Chau Mau, a specialist in clinical oncology, were on hand to discuss their new book, Exercise and Cancer: Telling Right from Wrong. Many attendees took this valuable chance to ask for health advice as the two read contents, young readers can quickly learn about the wisdom of the ancients. In the same vein was Panorama of Chinese History, a poster succinctly listing 4,000 years of history and historical figures. This practical learning tool was well-received by both parents and teachers. Children interested in military history could not miss World War II: Classic Battles on Hand-drawn Maps. With hand- drawn art by the creative team behind YoHare, the book covers the history and facts of World War II with across maps, presenting major historical events – such as the German invasion of Poland with the Blitzkrieg strategy and the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour – through illustrations, encouraging children to develop an interest in history. On the topic of war, Nadima 2 was available for sale for the very first time at HKBF. Collaboratively published by World Publishing Company and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), it is the story of Nadima, a refugee child from South Sudan, as she flees the fires of war with her companions, facing various challenges in the refugee camp. This book broadens the perspective of children while helping them to develop a positive mindset and problem-solving skills. Dazzling English Children’s Books Smart English’s new English children’s book were equally eye-catching. Alongside new entries in the PAW Patrol series – a favourite among young readers – Smart English launched the four-volume puzzle game book series Learn and Play; The Ruff-Ruff Picture Dictionary with over 4,000 Chinese and English words new to students; educational posters for children; and Little Explore Pad, an English multimedia game book that comes with 500 stickers. To help parents discover their children’s potential as early as possible, Smart English invited current director of the Academy for the Talented English Programme Professor Grahame Bilbow and former Harrow International School Beijing teacher Angie Biblow to collaborate on the Aim High series of English workbooks. The two-volume series of game books covers not only English, but mathematics and general knowledge as well, encouraging all-round learning. A Parent’s Guidebook is included with each copy to help parents Kaso’s new book promotes a keto diet; you can have your desserts while losing weight too! 家嫂新著推广生酮饮食,原来减肥也可以吃甜品! 142 popularnews - 9 

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