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   Hong Kong Book Fair 2022: A New World of Children’s Books 香港书展:“世界出版社”打开童书新世界 At HKBF 2022, World Publishing Company focused on children’s books that broaden the horizons of young readers. “世界出版社”在本届 香港书展,重点推介童书, 让孩童在图书世界中大开 眼界。 As in previous editions of the annual Hong Kong Book Fair (HKBF), Kam Pui Enterprises set up in Hall 1 in July 2022 under the World Publishing Company banner to showcase many new books. Smart English also debuted in HKBF this year in Hall 3’s Children’s Paradise section, with the many English books and teaching materials leading young readers into the colourful world of reading. HKBF has typically been held during summer as a family activity. Hence, the organiser of HKBF 2022 was concerned that visitor numbers would be adversely affected as most schools had shifted their summer vacation to August this year. Fortunately, the crowds came in full force on weekday afternoons, with even larger numbers on weekends. Exploring History with Young Readers New book releases are always hotly anticipated at HKBF. This year, Kam Pui Enterprises concentrated on children’s books that support them on their learning journeys. The newly published History Through National Treasures: An 8,000-Year Odyssey and the eight-volume These are the Chinese History Comics Children Must Read both focus on Chinese history and culture. The former features fantastical stories that lead children through the history of national treasures, a perfect warm-up before a trip to the Hong Kong Palace Museum. The concise and humorous comics of the latter take readers through 4,000 years of Chinese history, from the Xia, Shang, and Zhou dynasties up to the Qing dynasty. With clear layouts and easy-to- 8 - popularnews 142 By Catherine Chan (Hong Kong) 文:陈慧娴(香港) 

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