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  A Leading Brand As Pan Lloyds’ products are used by more than 90% of the Hong Kong primary schools, our 2022 theme of "Industry Leading Supplementary Learning Materials" for HKBF was specially chosen to reflect our brand leadership. Also making its appearance was our new logo that incorporated the year that Pan Lloyds was established to showcase our rich heritage, as well the recognition of our peers in the supplementary education industry in Hong Kong. Pan Lloyds’ booth also featured the “No. 1” graphics to further highlight the popularity of our products with teachers and parents alike, and our aim to help our young customers achieve their best academic results with our products. Packed to Capacity Compared to 830,000 visitors in the 2021 edition, HKBF 2022 attracted 850,000 visitors. Still, the turnout was visibly lesser than the editions before the COVID-19 pandemic. This could be the result of the implementation of crowd control measures due to the recent surge of COVID-19 infections, as well as how most schools in Hong Kong had yet to break for their summer holidays during the period of the HKBF 2022. However, Pan Lloyds’ booth attracted the most visitors among all the exhibitors on the third floor of the exhibition hall. In fact, our booth was regularly packed to capacity. Many parents shared that they had been buying supplementary learning materials for their children at our booth every year. Other parents pointed out that they were buying other Pan Lloyds products to show their continued support for us as their children’s schools were already using the products of Pan Lloyds and JumpStart. The POPULAR Choice Pan Lloyds is known for our wide range of products meeting the learning needs of every student. For example, making its appearance in the HKBF 2022 was "Primary School Support Pack", which collated practices and test papers for the four subjects of Chinese, English, Mathematics and General Knowledge to let children do their daily revision whilst preparing for the examinations throughout the year. Pan Lloyds and JumpStart publications are regularly updated to keep up with the latest curriculum and examination format, and different editions are available to match different textbooks, helping students revise effectively. These include Pan Lloyds’ 26-Week Basic Chinese Practice series and JumpStart’s Breakout Combination series. Another favourite of the students, Promoting to Band One Series - Intensive Test Papers for Internal Assessments is a publication by Popular Learning (PopLearn) produced based on the Internal Assessments examination format used by many schools in Hong Kong to help the students be better prepared for their examinations by becoming more familiar with the format. Shopping With Peace of Mind Pan Lloyds went to great lengths to ensure that our customers could enjoy a shopping experience with peace of mind. A series of preventive measures were put in place at our booth to reduce the risk of infection to a minimum. All our staff were required to take a test for COVID-19 infection before going to work every day and only those who had tested negative would be on duty at Pan Lloyds’ booth at the HKBF 2022. Further measures were also adopted, like having our staff wear face masks throughout and making alcohol-based hand sanitiser readily available to our customers before and after their visits. In addition, our staff thoroughly disinfected our booth frequently every day. Enjoying the Same Discounts Online As more parents take to shopping online for their children’s supplementary learning materials, an online book fair was launched for the duration of the HKBF 2022 by the Pan Lloyds • JumpStart PP Parents Club (PP Parents Club), where members also got to enjoy the same discounts as the visitors to our booths. Furthermore, our online supplementary learning materials ordering service helped parents to shop, as upon selecting their children’s school and grade, our innovative system would display the supplementary learning materials ordered by their children’s schools and recommend titles that would further complement their children’s learning experience. The success of POPULAR’s participation in the HKBF 2022 was down to the hard work and dedication of all the staff of Pan Lloyds and various other departments working together as one team. Pan Lloyds will continue to publish more supplementary learning materials to meet the needs of our young customers, while developing more innovative educational services to further expand our dominance as the market leader. As we celebrate our 25th anniversary next year, we look forward to participating in the next HKBF! (Translated by Shawn Pang)  6 - popularnews 142 

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