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  A Showcase of 's 疫下拼劲:书展业绩胜往年 Though pandemic conditions reduced visitor numbers at Hong Kong Book Fair 2022, Popular Hong Kong achieved even more than last year. 在疫情下举办的香港书展,尽管学生和海外访客减少, 但是香港大众业绩仍稍胜去年。 今年七月顺利举行的香港书展,共 录得逾85万人次入场。主办方实 施了严格的防疫措施,让参展商和访客 安心参与。 以往书展是每年的暑期盛事,吸引 大批学生前来选购心仪书籍,可是为应 对疫情,中小学生早在三月“预支”暑 假,七月需照常上课,因此今年书展的 学生群明显减少。 书展除了获得香港市民支持,往年 也吸引内地及外国游客,但由于香港尚 未与内地正式通关,以及入境人士需符 合政府的隔离检疫规定,不少外地作家 和出版商未能参与。 整体而言,尽管本届香港书展的入 场人次不复往年,疫情也为活动带来了 多重挑战,但是在大众同仁的齐心努力 之下,最终录得业绩比去年略胜一筹, 乐思出版社更刷新了一项业绩纪录。在 此衷心感谢每位参与及支援2022香港书 展的同事们。 By Ponch Poon (Hong Kong) 文:潘志伟(香港)  The 2022 edition of the Hong Kong Book Fair (HKBF) was successfully held in July and attracted over 850,000 visitors. Strict pandemic prevention measures were put in place to ensure that the exhibitors and visitors alike, were able to participate with peace of mind. The annual HKBF in July used to be the summer event, attracting large numbers of students. However, with this year’s summer school vacation brought forward in response to the pandemic, students had to attend school this July. This significantly reduced the number of student visitors at this year's HKBF. Previous editions of HKBF had also attracted numerous visitors from abroad. However, many foreign authors and publishers were unable to participate 4 - popularnews 142 this time round as borders had yet to be fully reopened, along with the strict quarantine regulations put in place by the government for international travellers. Hence, the visitor numbers of the HKBF 2022 paled in comparison to previous editions as COVID-19 continues to pose significant challenges to the organisers. With the pandemic factors and the reduced number of visitors in the HKBF 2022, the concerted efforts of all our staff saw Popular Hong Kong performing even better than last year, with Pan Lloyds Publishers setting a new record. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to every staff who had participated in the HKBF 2022 for a job well done! (Translated by Shawn Pang) 

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