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  My Album Collection 七年如一日 收藏防弹少年团专辑 Popular Singapore’s Heng Ruo Qing has been collecting the albums of her favourite K-pop boy band for seven years. 新加坡大众同仁王若晴收藏心仪的韩国男团专辑,七年如一日。 By Heng Ruo Qing (Singapore) 文:王若晴(新加坡)     Are you a fan of BTS, the biggest K-pop sensation right now? Also known as the Bangtan Boys, the seven-member South Korean boyband made their debut in 2013. Not merely entertainers, BTS co-write and produce much of their own music. Starting on My BTS Album Collection Like many others, I started listening to BTS as a casual listener. I only started collecting their music in 2015 with my first BTS album, The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 2. This album is especially meaningful to me as it marks the first time I used my own money to purchase my first K-pop album. Since then, collecting BTS albums has become my hobby. I started saving up more so that I can grow my collection. Every BTS new release features a number of hits from a variety of genres, and each physical album usually comes with a photo book, photocards, and a poster. Over the past seven years, I have collected 20 of their albums in total. Supporting My Favourite Boy Band BTS has grown tremendously in the K-pop industry. It is heartening to see how they have also gained recognition for their music and performances globally. To me, buying albums is the most direct way to support an artist. It is also my way of showing dedication to my favourite band’s music and creativity. 你是韩国顶流男团——防弹少年团 (BTS)的粉丝吗?2013年出道的 他们,七名团员多才多艺,集艺人与 音乐创作人于一身。 七年珍藏廿张专辑 和很多人一样,我起初只是防弹少年团 的普通听众。但从2015年开始收藏他们 的专辑,购买的第一张专辑是《花样年 华pt.2》。它对我意义非凡,因为这是 用我自己积攒的零花钱购买的第一张韩 流专辑。 之后,我热衷于收藏他们的专辑, 并努力储蓄来丰富所藏。每每他们发行 实体新专辑,总会推出风格各异的劲 歌金曲,皆附有写真集、写真卡、海 报。七年间,我已拥有20张防弹少年团 专辑。 实际行动支持创意 防弹少年团人气如日中天,欣见其音乐 和表演获得全球认可。购买专辑于我而 言,是支持偶像的最直接方式,也是向 他们的音乐和创意致敬。 (翻译: 魏君)   142 popularnews - 33 

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