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   unforgettable melody, this popular hit was the opening act in Popular Guangzhou’s Mid- Autumn Festival celebration. Our innovative staff were of course not contented with a simple cover of the popular song. Hence, a POPULAR rendition featuring new lyrics by Popular Guangzhou’s Huang Wenqing and performance by Popular Guangzhou’s Pan Zhixiong provided the perfect start to the celebrations. There were more programmes in store afterwards, including various games and a lucky draw. A Delectable Feast for the Eyes and Tummy While Guangzhou has always been known for its delicious food, it is no walk in the park to find a restaurant that combines top-notch cuisine with first-class dining ambience. Popular Guangzhou staff in charge of sourcing for a dining option managed to find this unique restaurant meeting our stringent requirements after much research and enquiry. The hard work put in by the organising team was clearly rewarded with the amazement of Popular Guangzhou staff as everyone made their way into the restaurant. Welcoming us was the unobstructed panorama of the magnificent Pearl River, along with the many landmarks of Guangzhou, like the Canton Tower and Liede Bridge! Even more amazing was the sheer variety of delicacies that were lined up after everyone had taken their seat. The seemingly endless culinary offerings included sashimi, abalone, grilled lamb chops, crayfish, and many more, and was sure to satisfy everyone's tastebuds! A Showcase of Videomaking Talent As many people enjoy recording their experiences with pictures and videos, the organising team decided to include a competition to let Popular Guangzhou staff showcase their videomaking talents. We were in for a pleasant surprise as we discovered that there were plenty of hidden videography talents amongst us. The participants gave their best to produce the best recordings of the event from different perspectives. Their creativity was inexhaustible and provided the audience with plenty of entertainment as the fruit of their labour was showcased during the competition. Amidst this fun and laughter, Popular Guangzhou’s Mid-Autumn Festival team building event in 2022 came to a successful conclusion. (Translated by Shawn Pang) 光不居,飞镜重磨,又是一年中秋 佳节时。虽说“月是故乡明”, 但种种原因使得不少同事无法与家人团 聚。大众集团广州分公司秉承“以人为 本”的大众精神,发挥创意,在这个传 统节日搞搞新意,慰藉游子的思乡情, 让员工们感受团圆的温暖。 演绎大众版《孤勇者》 要问中国这两年最火的歌曲是哪一首, 《孤勇者》必定榜上有名。这首歌传唱 度极高,由它来拉开活动的序幕,必能 达到暖场效果。 一向富有创新精神的广州同事当然 不满足于单纯的翻唱,同事黄文青连夜 为这首歌曲重新填词,并和同事潘志雄 重新演绎广州大众版的《孤勇者》,成 功把氛围迅速推向高点。随后,各位 同事还分组玩游戏、抽奖,个个满载而 归,笑逐颜开。 唯有美食不可辜负 人们常说“食在广州”,但要想找到一 家就餐环境和食物味道都一流的餐厅并   28 - popularnews 142 时 不容易。负责此次活动的同事经过多方 打探和比较,终于物色到一家符合“双 一流”要求的餐厅。 同事们刚进入餐厅,就被开阔景色 震撼:广州的地标建筑广州塔和猎德 大桥近在眼前,珠江沿岸景色尽收眼 底!更让人们赞不绝口的,还是那一 道又一道的美食:刺身、鲍鱼、烤羊 排、小龙虾......上百种美食征服所有 人的味蕾! 视频大赛尽显才华 现代人习惯拍照或录影来记录美好时 光,所以这次活动特地主办了视频制作 大赛,让同事们一展才华。 公司藏龙卧虎,每个参加视频大赛 的选手都化身为各大导演,从不同角度 记录活动的点点滴滴,创意无限,让人 看了之后,或是捧腹大笑,或是无限回 味。 一片欢声笑语中,我们的庆中秋团 建活动圆满落下帷幕。 

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