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  By Mijie Luo (Guangzhou) 文:罗米洁(广州)  Team Building During the Mid-Autumn Festival 以人为本:中秋团建展新意 Popular Guangzhou fostered a stronger esprit de corps during the Mid-Autumn Festival celebration through songs, good food and videos. 大众广州分公司中秋团建发挥创意,唱最火歌曲, 吃最赞美食,录最佳视频。 The Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional Chinese festival that celebrates reunion. However, many Popular Guangzhou staff were unable to return home. As people have always been the focus of everything that POPULAR does, our Popular Guangzhou staff put their creativity to good use to let all our staff feel the warmth of reunion during the festivity. A POPULAR Rendition of Warrior of the Darkness If you were to ask around for the most popular song in China in the past two years, Eason Chan’s Warrior of the Darkness is likely to be on the list. Featuring an 142 popularnews - 27 

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