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  A Place in My Heart 刻在心底的“大众” Popular Malaysia’s Shahrizal Bin Muhammad shares why his passion for his work has remained strong, even after two decades. 廿载热忱如故,使命必达的马来西亚大众派送员 沙赫里扎尔如是说。 With a motorcycle as his mode of transportation, Popular Malaysia's dispatch assistant Shahrizal Bin Muhammad is responsible for making sure that all business documents are delivered safely to all the departments, come rain or shine. Married with five children, the former professional football player, who used to represent the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur, joined POPULAR at the age of 20. “After my footballing contract ended due to injuries, I tried to make ends meet by doing part-time jobs,” Shahrizal says. “It was then that I got to know Popular Malaysia’s former Human Resource Manager Maggie Yeow, who recommended me to work in POPULAR.” Based in Popular Malaysia’s previous Kuala Lumpur office in Taman Shamelin Perkasa then, Shahrizal remembers that POPULAR only had five to six stores in Malaysia when he came aboard in 2000. He still fondly recalls the strong camaraderie as “everyone knew everyone, and we were supportive of one another”. A Crucial Role and Learning Experience Being a dispatch assistant might not sound like an exciting job, but Shahrizal 20 - popularnews 142 By Larissa Lumandan (Malaysia) 文:拉里萨·卢曼丹(马来西亚) 

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