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       Pacific Animation & Comics Awards 2018 continued to produce material to amuse his readers and lift their spirits, bringing a smile to their faces during these trying times. “I will not let these difficulties stop me from producing more and funnier comics than ever before,” Keith says. “This is my way of helping to reduce the suffering and sadness experienced by those overwhelmed by this pandemic.” Not merely drawing for his readers’ entertainment, Keith’s comics also aim to convey important messages to readers. For example, Keith highlights the importance of compliance with the various safety measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 through his comics in the 37th and 39th volume of Lawak Kampus. Overcoming the Challenges of Working From Home When the Movement Control Order (MCO) was implemented in Malaysia, Keith and his team had to work from home. As the comics that Keith and his assistants had drawn needed to be collated before being sent for printing, not being able to meet up with his two assistants in person meant that their workflow had become challenging. “After completing the comics, I had to deliver them to my assistants personally,” Keith says. “It was quite difficult to move around during MCO, but we had to meet publishing deadlines.” The LKKM 5 Special It was also during the pandemic that Keith’s team collated volumes 21 to 25 of Lawak Kampus into a special compilation known as Lawak Kampus Kompilasi Mantap 5 (LKKM 5). What is truly unique in this compilation is an eight-page feature on life during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, the cover of LKKM 5 incorporates beautiful special effects that Lawak Kampus fans will definitely love. Keith hopes that LKKM 5 will provide comic relief to his readers and soothe their emotions. Though Keith and his team encountered various obstacles during the production of LKKM 5, the finished product was published eventually. A Gift to Spread Hope Keith hopes to be able to help eliminate the anxiety and stress of living through the pandemic with the jokes he has drawn in Lawak Kampus. That is why the graduate of Limkokwing University of Creative Technology says that LKKM 5 is not only meant to entertain his fans, but also a special gift from him to them. “Always comply with the safety measures and adhere to the prescribed precautions,” Keith advises his fans as the interview session comes to an end. “Take care, everyone, and stay healthy!”   “As a comics artist, I want to create more content that will entertain and encourage everyone as they work through the COVID-19 pandemic.”                                                                                                                                                                                                        141 popularnews - 43                                                                              

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