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 Red Vinasse Duck 红糟鸭 Learn how to cook this traditional Fuzhou dish with Chef TK Dong’s recipe. 海滨出版社近期出版名厨唐丁强的食谱 《福州菜》,在此特别摘录其中的“红糟鸭”, 以飨读者。 Fuzhou Recipes is the first cookbook by celebrated Malaysian chef TK Dong. Published in partnership with Seashore Publishing, it features 50 Fuzhou dishes that Chef Dong grew up with. Whether you are a Fuzhounese or a gourmet hunter, why not try preparing a traditional Fuzhou dish for your next gathering with your family and friends? (Translated by Shawn Pang) 名厨唐丁强的第一本食谱《福州菜》已经由海滨出版社推 出,书中的50道福州料理,都是他从小吃过的福州菜, 每道菜都能勾起食欲。无论您是福州人或福州菜老饕,不妨从 这道“红糟鸭”开始学习烹煮传统福州菜,厨艺大跃进,亲友 乐陶陶。 Ingredients A 40 - popularnews 141 1pc 1 tbsp 1⁄2 tbsp 1 tbsp 2 tbsp 2 tsp duck (about 2kg), chopped into chunks red vinasse soy sauce paste light soy sauce sugar salt Ingredients B 6 slices 1pc 6 pips 400 ml Steps ginger shallot, sliced garlic, bruised water By Yap Ding Xin (Malaysia) 文:叶丁心(马来西亚) 1. Rinseduckpieceswell.Blanchduckpiecesinboiling water for 10 minutes to remove gaminess. Remove and drain. 2. Mix duck pieces with the rest of the Ingredients A and marinate for 30-60 minutes. 3. Heat5tbspofoilinawokandsautégingerslices, shallot and garlic until aromatic. 4. Putinduckpiecesandstir-fryfor5minutes. 5. Pourinwaterandbringtoaboil.Turntolowheat. Put on the lid and cook for 15 minutes or until duck turns soft (stir occasionally to prevent sticking). 食材 A 鸭 1只(约2公斤),斩大块 红糟 1汤匙 酱油膏 1⁄2汤匙 生抽 1汤匙 糖 2汤匙 盐 2茶匙 食材 B 姜 6片 红葱头 1粒,切片 蒜头 6瓣,拍扁 清水 400毫升 步骤 1. 鸭块洗净。放入沸水中汆烫10分钟,以去除腥 味。盛起沥干。 2. 鸭块与其余材料A拌匀,腌30-60分钟。 3. 镬内烧热5汤匙油,爆香姜片、红葱头和蒜头。 4. 放入鸭块拌炒5分钟。 5. 倒入清水煮沸。转小火,加盖煮15分钟或至鸭 肉变软(不时翻炒以免粘镬)。上碟。 

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