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        My Days at 我在大众的日子 Through the changing times, Bob Lee experiences the normal and the extraordinary at Popular Taiwan’s Logistics Department. 因时而变,台湾大众物流部的日常与非常。 By Bob Lee (Taiwan) 文:李英毅(台湾)    The receival and shipping of inventory is the most basic function of Popular Taiwan’s Logistics Department. However, given POPULAR’s diverse range of products, which spans books, stationery, toys, and audio-visual products, making sure every component of the supply chain functions like clockwork is also part of our job. This means that ensuring all the goods in every incoming and outgoing shipment match their respective cargo manifests, while adhering to shipment schedules, are all in a day’s work at the Logistics Department. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, economic activities and the livelihood of many people around the world have been severely affected. To do our part to help our customers get through this challenging period, Popular Taiwan began working closely with them to modify their orders according to changing consumption patterns. Declining birth rates and changing reading habits have already led to major upheavals in the Chinese books market in recent years. Therefore, POPULAR decided to expand the reach of Taiwanese books abroad in response to the changing trends. Popular Taiwan’s Logistics Department has been working closely with the other departments to oversee logistical operations while maximising the efficiency of space utilisation and manpower deployment. 28 - popularnews 141 

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