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        Growing Together: A Big Day of Team Building 共同成长:“大日子”团队建设 Every contribution deserves encouragement. In 2015, Popular Malaysia launched a team-building event to let our staff learn while having fun. Named the “Big Day”, the activities aim to strengthen the cohesion, trust, creativity, decision-making and leadership of our staff, while promoting team spirit and morale. The organising committee is comprised of executives and supervisors, as well as administrative staff from various departments. We vote to select the chairman, vice chairman, treasurer, welfare, photographer, and so on, much like if we werechoosingthestudentcouncilduring our university days. The theme is collectively set by everyone, and then expanded to engage with other issues. Over the years, themes have been as varied as “We Are The Chef”, “Emoji”,“TsumTsum”,andevendramas. A Time For Growth In the beginning, it was not easy to encourage colleagues who were shy to participate in the activities. There were much disagreements among committee members as well. At the helm was a first- time chairperson from the administrative staff, who broke into tears under the intense pressure, but gritted their teeth and took care of it professionally to ensure the event was held successfully. Through the annual “Big Day” team-building activities, all members developed a tacit understanding with each other. Everyone also came to a deeper understanding of their colleagues. It was a time for growth and gains, much like the small plot of land outside the office, which was originally filled with various plants growing wildly, but has become a beautiful flowerbed today after careful planting, irrigation, and fertilisation by the team. Growth is a process that involves pain and setbacks, but after the transformation, new things can blossom. 26 - popularnews 141 By Ang Sin Chieh (Malaysia) 文:洪欣洁(马来西亚)   With new ideas and great improvements, Popular Malaysia’s “Big Day” team-building activities successfully strengthened our cohesion. 新思维,大进步,马来西亚 大众的“大日子”团队建设 活动,成功加强凝聚力。 

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