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    By Sharon Huang (Taiwan) 文:黄筱雯(台湾)   A Space to Dream 台南Room A:做梦的空间 Taiwanese bookstore Room A turns the focus back onto the books by providing a quiet reading space. Room A将主权还给书本,提供梦想空间给“想要静静阅读的客人”。 Known as the playground of the young literati in Taiwan, all the shops in Tainan have their unique character. No matter your interests, you will be sure to find one that suits you. For me, "Room A" is just that place. Hourly Charge to Highlight the Importance of Time Turning from the eatery-filled main road into Kangle Street, Room A is located on the third floor of a corner building. Through the glass door, you will be greeted by the fragrance of books. The juxtaposition of the furniture of varying heights against the large windows on three sides of the bookstore that let plenty of light in sets a relaxing vibe. Though everything in this bookstore looks ordinary, it appears to teem with life. The thought and effort that has gone into the placement of the tables, chairs, lamps, and bookshelves to create this intimate ambience is self-evident. Once you have settled down, the staff will pass you a chit indicating the starting time of your visit. Unlike other bookstores, Room A charges a fee based on the time that you spend there. Though some may feel uncomfortable with this approach, I find the NT$1-a-minute fee reasonable as I get to browse through their collection of books and magazines, while enjoying all the refreshments and stationery in the bookstore. Pour yourself a cup of coffee or order some snacks as you slowly browse 141 popularnews - 21 

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