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 Rescue Heroes 《救灾英雄》 The retired fire fighter shares his stories of training and rescue from his own experience. Author: Retired Singapore Civil Defence Force officer, Lee Chuan Low, is an award-winning Singaporean writer and literary critic. He has authored numerous books and devotes himself to working in several local literary organisations. 退休民防官员以亲身经验撰写的动物消防员训练和救灾故事。 作者:李选楼,新加坡退休民防官员,也是新加坡作家和文学评论家,获奖无 数,著述10余部,兼任多个本地文学组织的工作。 绘者:小比 Grandpa Woody’s Home 《树桐爷爷的家》 A pair of young siblings chance upon an old talking tree in Bukit Timah Hill. Author: Low Pooi Fong was a former reporter and editor of Lianhe Zaobao. The nature lover has authored several collections of essays and literary reportage, and her works have won numerous awards. 一对小兄妹在武吉知马山巧遇一棵会说话的老树。 作者:刘培芳,曾任《联合早报》记者、编辑、评论员,著有多部散文集和报道 文学集,获奖无数。热爱探索大自然。 绘者:小比 20 - popularnews 141 Feifei’s Holiday Diary 《菲菲的假期日记》 Primary school student, Feifei, reads every day, but her mischievous younger brother flies up to the sky instead? Author: Formerly Senior Executive Reporter at Lianhe Zaobao, Teoh Hee La has won many Singapore and international literary awards and has authored several novels and essay collections. 小学生菲菲的日常是阅读,她的顽皮弟弟的日常是飞上天? 作者:张曦娜,屡获新加坡和国际文学奖项的作家,曾任《联合早报》高级执行 级记者,出版小说集及散文集10余本。 绘者:ikkoku The Story of Jiajia the Otter 《水獭加加的故事》 The three cute otter brothers swim with their families to find a new home. Author: Veteran educator, Dr Soon Ai Ling, was previously a middle school teacher, a kindergarten principal, and a Ministry of Education inspector of the Chinese curriculum. The works of the former Nanyang Technological University’s assistant professor have won numerous awards and have been translated into several languages. 呆萌水獭三兄弟,跟着家人们游啊游,移民找新家。 作者:孙爱玲博士,曾任幼稚园校长、中学教师、教育部华文专科视学、南洋理 工大学助理教授,获奖无数,作品被译为数种语文出版。 绘者:安安 

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