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 For children to be proficient in Chinese, had worked with them in the project with 是张曦娜、李选楼、孙爱玲、刘培芳, extracurricular learning is vital, but choosing good children's books is equally important. Chou Sing Chu Foundation (CSCF) has just published the Let’s Write series of children's storybooks in June 2022. Written by local writers for younger students in Singapore, the five- volume series features interesting stories and vivid illustrations. To help children learn better by developing their vocabulary, all the key words in the stories feature hanyu pinyin and are listed in both Chinese and English. Writing From the Heart Despite being the youngest among them, Quek See Ling is an experienced author of children’s stories. For the other four veteran writers – Teoh Hee La, Lee Chuan Low, Dr Soon Ai Ling and Low Pooi Fong – this is their first foray into writing children’s stories, but they each have impressive bodies of work. Surprised to be invited to participate, all four were moved by our enthusiasm to promote the Chinese language in Singapore and readily agreed. As local writers continue to shape the Chinese literature landscape, their works will also inspire Singaporean schoolchildren learning Chinese with fun local content that they can relate to. Writing children's storybooks is a specialised field of literature. Understanding children’s innocence and perspective, writers need to utilise the materials and language in a way differing from the typical creative processes. The four veteran authors worked closely with CSCF for their first children’s storybooks, impressing all who their professionalism and dedication. In the end, the four authors chose to write on topics that were close to their hearts. Teoh Hee La tells the story of a pair of siblings, whilst Lee Chuan Low highlights the importance of being prepared for danger to the children from his many years of experience as an officer in the Singapore Civil Defence Force. Dr Soon Ai Ling focuses on the ecology of otters in Singapore to tell the story of a family of otters living with nature and urban development, and Low Pooi Fong’s passion for nature walks sees nature becoming part of her story as to her, every plant and tree is a representation of life. The five authors have also shared their thoughts and experience of writing with the young readers inside their books. (Translated by Shawn Pang) 若想在华文学习方面精益求精, 出类拔萃,功夫在课外,选 择优质童书极其重要。周星衢基金 (“基金”)在2022年中推出的最新优 质童书系列“我手写我心”,邀请到五 位作家为本地学生量身定做,创作全套 五册童书。每本情节有趣,天马行空, 插图生动,生难字词注有汉语拼音与中 英对照表,助力小读者流畅阅读,丰富 词汇量,提升想象力,无形中向作家 请益。 资深作家 童书新尝试 除了年轻作者郭诗玲之外,其他四位皆 是首次涉足童书创作的资深作家,他们 Little Curry Puff: The Mysterious Tissue Paper 《辣弟阿角:神秘的纸巾》 都是新加坡蜚声文坛并获奖无数的作 家。当他们接到基金的邀约时,均倍 感意外,但很快就被基金的热诚所感动 了,欣然答应。为什么不呢?在这个华 语于世界舞台逐渐当道,而新加坡学生 的华文程度却有所下降的大环境下,我 们优秀的本土华文作家在继续耕耘文学 的同时,也是可以为新加坡学童的华文 之路留下富有启迪意义的作品的,而且 故事内容与本地相关,让孩子们读起来 倍感亲切。 童书创作是一个极特别的文学领 域,作者的童心,视角,取材,语言都 跟平时作者们自由自在表现自我的文学 之旅完全不同。四位资深作家为了这次 的首秀费尽心思,多次与编辑部沟通交 流,严谨认真的态度让我们肃然起敬。 最终大家都选择了身边的所看所思作为 题材。张曦娜以姐弟为背景,故事妙趣 横生又亲情相连;李选楼则是从多年民 防官员所遭遇到的各种实战事例,用最 浅白的小故事告诉小朋友们居安思危的 道理;孙爱玲多年来关注着新加坡水獭 的生态,一家水獭的故事展示了大自然 和城市发展的共存共息;刘培芳最爱行 走山林,一草一木在她的眼中都是生活 的事物,来自自家小孩的童趣创作自然 成了故事的一个部分。 五位作者也分别为小读者们写下了 悄悄话,分享他们创作童书的理念,以 及阅读、写作和生活的心得。所谓“前 人栽树,后人乘凉”,希望本地几代人 能通过这套作家们倾力执笔的原创童书 心手相连。   Is it true that all the worries and tears in this world can be wiped away with a magical tissue? Author: Quek See Ling, Senior Chinese Editor at Chou Sing Chu Foundation, is an experienced educator. She has authored many history and literature books, including several collections of poetry, a collection of paintings, and children's books. 原来这个世界的烦恼和眼泪,只要神奇纸巾就可以擦掉了? 作者:郭诗玲,周星衢基金资深华文编辑,具有在大学、中学、小学的任教经 验,合著合编多部文史书籍,著有多部诗集,以及画集和童书。 绘者:月夜桃 1 9 1 4 4 1 1 p po o p pu u l l a a r r n ne e w ws s - - 1 1 9 

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