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     To promote Fuzhou cuisine, renowned Malaysian chef TK Dong chose to work with Seashore Publishing to publish his first cookbook. 为了推广福州菜,名厨唐丁强选择在 海滨出版他的首本食谱《福州菜》。 Published by Seashore Publishing, Fuzhou Recipes is the first cookbook written by celebrated Malaysian chef TK Dong. Born in Sibu in the Malaysian state of Sarawak, Chef Dong’s ancestral home is Fuzhou. He developed a strong interest in cooking traditional Fuzhou dishes with Sibu characteristics when he was 10 years old. At the age of 15, he was cooking up a storm of Fuzhou dishes for his family and friends. After graduating from secondary school, the 18-year-old Chef Dong decided to turn his passion into a career by learning Western cuisine at a culinary school in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur. His culinary skills, sharpened through years of working in various restaurants, have made him a household name ever since. Chef Dong has often been invited to showcase his culinary skills to the media and public at various events. Though Chef Dong is trained in Western cuisine and cooks mainly contemporary cuisine, he has never forgotten the traditional Fuzhou dishes that he watched his elders cooking in the kitchen when he was a child. This is the main reason Chef Dong decided to publish his first cookbook, Fuzhou Recipes, hoping that it will allow more people to taste the home-style Fuzhou cuisine that he has enjoyed from a young age. Falling in Love with Fuzhou Cuisine Sibu is the third largest city in Sarawak, and is popularly known as "New Fuzhou" or "Little Fuzhou" because of its large population of the Fuzhounese. The majority of the Fuzhou immigrants in Sibu back then were from the provinces of Minqing and Gutian in China, which resulted in the Minqing dialect being the main language of communication for the Fuzhounese community in East Malaysia. The Fuzhounese here speak Fuzhounese, eat Fuzhou cuisine, and live by the Fuzhounese traditions from their hometowns. Chef Dong grew up in such an environment. Chef Dong describes Fuzhou cuisine as having the reputation of being "sweet but not greasy, sour but not astringent, mild but not bland". He says that this is because the Fuzhounese like sweet and savoury food, By Yap Ding Xin (Malaysia) 文:叶丁心(马来西亚) 141 popularnews - 15 

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