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                        Back-to-School Preparations Made Stress-free! 重返校园 零压力 Preparing for a new school year during the pandemic with a seamless and fuss-free online ordering system! 疫情期间,大众的线上订购系统助学子轻松准备新学年! By Sim Yi Wen (Singapore) 文:沈毅文(新加坡)          As a homegrown brand known for our focus on education, POPULAR has been a good companion for parents and students when they prepare for each new academic year. Popular Singapore’s annual “Back-to-School” campaign, running from mid-October to early January at POPULAR’s outlets and school bookshops all over Singapore, is the result of our relentless pursuit to meet the education needs of our young customers through the years while providing a hassle-free shopping experience for them and their parents. An online textbook ordering system on had been set up as far back as 2010. The COVID-19 pandemic has further highlighted the importance of a seamless, contactless online order system that ensures a convenient and safe shopping experience for our customers. Apart from the convenience, assisted with the tracking system, the 2021 edition of our “Back-to-School” campaign further enhanced the user experience with a comprehensive approach that reimagined the processes and our customers' journey. Emphasising the Customer Experience There is no guarantee that placing items in an online seller’s basket will automatically lead to a purchase. A successful conversion is often the result of a blend of customer-centric factors, which include seemingly unrelated issues such as being able to find everything that one needs on the same website. Playing to our strengths as an established and reputable retailer for all our customers’ learning needs, our textbook ordering platform represents one-stop shopping convenience for the new school year. In addition, a booklist submissions portal was created to allow parents, even those with children from schools without a POPULAR Bookshop, to upload their booklists. An incentive system was introduced to further encourage sharing with a $5 voucher reward to the first customer to submit a booklist for every level and school. Those who submitted booklists before 30 November also stood to be among the 30 winners of a $100 voucher each. More than 2,000 booklists were uploaded to our portal, a valuable resource  139 popularnews - 9   

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