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 down in her family. She reveals that her In addition to local recipes, Chef 对于热爱烹饪节目的马来西亚观众 而言,名厨玛莉娜•慕斯塔法可 谓家喻户晓。至今她已出版26本食谱, 其中12本由海滨出版社出版。她的食谱 畅销,其中三本还于2017年与2018年获 颁法国的“美食家世界食谱奖”。 技能全方位 玛莉娜曾为许多知名国际企业如味可 美、沙朗大师、特百惠、安利,以及本 地公司如花莎尼、Gardenia、南顺集团 等研发新菜谱。2014年,她受邀参加在 阿什哈巴德举办的亚洲烹饪大师班,曾 在土库曼斯坦总统库尔班古力·别尔德 穆哈梅多夫面前展现精湛厨艺。 玛莉娜也设立烹饪学校,因开办儿 童烹饪班,而广受媒体报道。为了维系 烹饪班,她与The Culinary Studio合作, 这是一家推广健康饮食的机构,提倡学 习如何预备优质食材及烹煮出美食。此 外,她也是亚洲航空、肯德基、Daisy 人造黄油的美食造型师。 2019年,玛莉娜和马来西亚教育 部及卫生部合作,专为Gardenia生产的 第一款马来西亚高温杀菌的新鲜黄面 (NuMee)设计食谱和烹煮方法。她的 食谱广为全国食堂业者采用,为莘莘学 子提供美味健康的膳食。 灵感与美感 在为合作商开发新品时,玛莉娜总能发 挥特长,把民众喜爱的口味融入其中。 尽管她乐于追随最新烹饪潮流,但更坚 守家传滋味。她透露因母亲是严苛的食 评家,她的厨艺才不断精进。她在尝试 现当代烹饪方法时,也强调不能让后代 遗忘马来西亚传统佳肴。 玛莉娜在海滨出版社出版的食谱, 主打容易上手的美食,包括甜品、儿童 点心、馅食、江鱼仔料理、街边小吃、 粥品靓汤等。 她的食谱也包括新兴美食,例如利 用最新炊具如气炸锅、高压锅等速煮健 康料理。尽管她认为传统厨具如杵臼能 让食物保留独特的风味,但烹调法可以 随生活方式而改变,尤其现代生活忙 碌,在让原味不变的前提下适当使用智 能厨具加快烹煮速度,也未尝不可。 除了本地风味食谱,玛莉娜也著有 西餐食谱,如意大利面、披萨等。尽管 她注重保留传统菜,但认为随着各种菜 系日渐普遍,人们的味蕾需求也产生了 mother is her harshest critic when it comes to improving her cooking quality. Chef Marina places a strong emphasis on ensuring that traditional Malaysian cuisine will not be forgotten by future generations while applying modern and contemporary cooking methods. Chef Marina’s recipe books published by Seashore Publishing feature various easy-to-cook recipes with steps that are simple to follow along. Among them are recipes for sweets and desserts, snacks for children, stuffed food, anchovy-based dishes, simple street food, and various varieties of porridge and soup. Also featured in Chef Marina’s recipes books are new creations that are specially designed to help her readers cook up healthy meals quickly using the latest cooking appliances, such as air fryers and pressure cookers. Though she maintains that traditional tools such as the pestle and mortar continue to impart distinctive flavours to the food, she opines that cooking methods can be adjusted to suit our changing lifestyle. According to Chef Marina, given the hustle and bustle of current lifestyles, the use of cooking technology that facilitates quicker cooking without changing the original taste is indispensable. Marina has also created recipes of Western cuisine, such as pasta dishes and pizza. Though she seeks to maintain heritage cuisine, she believes in creating new recipes to cater to our changing palates as different cuisines become more and more readily accessible. Hence, as Chef Marina teaches us how to cook wajik, a steamed glutinous rice dessert, cooked with palm sugar, coconut milk and pandan leaves, she also teaches us how to whip up a delicious serving of spaghetti aglio e olio. Future Plans and Hopes Chef Marina is not done yet and is already planning for the future. She is not prioritising the creation of new television cooking shows as she believes that the future of cooking shows lies in social media. However, Chef Marina points out that writing culinary books remains her greatest passion and she hopes to continue sharing recipes and cooking tips with her readers. As Chef Marina prays that her fans and followers will be safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, she also hopes that everyone will find new interests and take the opportunity to draw closer to the art of cooking and eating with our families during this challenging time. (Translated by Priscilla Darshini)  139 popularnews - 43 

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