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   By Aima Mohammad (Malaysia) 文:艾玛·莫哈末(马来西亚)   Bridging the Cooking Styles of Old and New 传统风味新煮意 Penghubung Gaya Masakan Generasi Lama dan Baharu Malaysian celebrity chef Marina Mustafa uses modern cooking appliances to help her promote traditional Malaysian cuisine to future generations. 马来西亚名厨玛莉娜 ∙ 慕斯塔法以现代烹调法, 传承大马传统佳肴。 Cef Marina Mustafa mengutamakan masakan tradisional yang dimasak dengan cara moden dengan harapan yang masakan tradisional tidak akan dilupai oleh generasi akan datang. Chef Marina Mustafa is a household name to cooking show fans all around Malaysia. She has also authored 26 culinary books, 12 of which are published by Seashore Publishing. Most of Chef Marina’s publications have become bestsellers, and three have won the Gourmand International Cookbook Awards in France in 2017 and 2018. An All-Rounded Chef Chef Marina has extensive experience creating recipes for many well-known international corporations like McCormick, Saladmaster, Tupperware and AMWAY, as well as local companies such as F&N, Gardenia, and Lam Soon Group. In 2014, she was invited to cook in front of the president of Turkmenistan, Mr Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow, during the Asian Master-Class Cooking event in Ashgabat. Chef Marina also runs her own cooking school, which has received significant coverage by the media for introducing cooking classes for children. To handle her cooking classes, Chef Marina works with The Culinary Studio, a company that advocates for the importance of eating well through learning to prepare and cook good food. In addition, Chef Marina is the food stylist at Air Asia, KFC Malaysia and Daisy Margarine. In 2019, Chef Marina worked with the Malaysian Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health to author a cookbook and create recipes for NuMee Gardenia, the first fresh pasteurised yellow noodle in Malaysia, for students in the national schools. Her recipes have been used by many canteen entrepreneurs throughout Malaysia to serve schoolchildren healthy and delicious meals. Inspiration and Artistry One of Chef Marina’s strengths when creating new recipes for her corporate clients is her ability to incorporate the preferences of the community into her recipes. Though she enjoys keeping up with the latest cooking trends, Chef Marina insists on maintaining the authentic taste of the recipes that have been passed 42 - popularnews 139 

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