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  KAPE 카페: 韩式 Café   Food Blog 食在好玩 Kape Café By Sow Kee Lian (Malaysia) 文:苏祺然(马来西亚)      One warm morning, I drove through the new district not far from my home and stumbled upon a café hidden in a corner of the ground floor of an apartment building. The simple and clean design of the café drew me in. The quiet café featured minimalistic Korean-styled décor. The simple and white- themed design framed a space in which people could unwind from the stresses and anxieties of their everyday lives. A closer look at the café interior revealed the delicate and warm details of the design, resulting in a clean composition. As the café staff offered warm greetings, I could not help smiling and saying hello too. The café’s refrigerated display case was filled with a dazzling array of freshly baked Korean cakes and pastries. After some enquires, my sister and I chose our mains. My sister had the Bibim Guksu and a special drink – the Espresso Tonic. Meanwhile, I ordered a Hangover Toast and a Dalgona Latte upon the recommendation of the café staff. A Precious Space of Respite The two coffees were served first. Replacing hot water with soda water, the Espresso Tonic was a take on iced coffee with a sparkling touch. Refreshing and unique in mouthfeel, it was the perfect antidote to the stifling weather. The Dalgona Latte played to my love of caramel by sprinkling honeycomb candy made using caramel, oil, and baking soda over the ice. Such novel coffee drinks are perfect for those in the mood for something new and can be a welcome corrective to the monotony of life. Five minutes later, my Hang-Over Toast was served. A style of Korean street toast, it featured a pillowy omelette, cheese, bacon, ham, and hash browns added to crispy buttered toast, along with the chef’s special sauce. Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, it was satisfyingly hearty. My sister’s Bibim Guksu arrived next. The portions were quite large compared to the typically smaller portions of the same dish in other restaurants. Such cold noodles are normally served with refreshing summer side dishes such as chopped seaweed with sesame seeds, sliced cucumbers, pickled radishes, spicy bok choy, and egg rolls. The combination of Korean cold noodles with the spicy sauce was surprising and scrumptious. I did not expect these slightly sweet noodles to be so refreshing and appetising! I noticed that people talked softly in the café. Perhaps it was because of its ambiance, which was not at all stifling but inviting and quiet instead, a welcome change in the hustle and bustle of the city. With its tranquil atmosphere and delicious food and coffee, Kape Café is a precious space of respite. (Translated by Daryl Li) 40 - popularnews 139 The quiet environment and inventive food make this Korean-styled café unforgettable. 静谧环境加上新颖食物,韩式咖啡馆让人流连忘返。 

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