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EDITOR’S NOTE Dear POPULAR family members, The closure of Popular Malaysia’s flagship store in Komtar Shopping Centre in November 2021 brought the curtain down on an important chapter of POPULAR’s trailblazing journey in Penang. Opened in August 1991, the POPULAR Komtar Bookstore would blossom into the quintessential bookstore for Penangites as it became the first bookstore in Penang to be open for 12 hours every day all year round. In this issue’s first special feature, we join Popular Malaysia as they reminisce about POPULAR Komtar Bookstore’s achievements, and the joy that it brought to booklovers in Penang (p.4). POPULAR is synonymous with learning and schooling. In this issue’s second special feature, read about how Popular Singapore went all out to ensure that our young customers and their parents enjoyed a stress-free experience when preparing for the new school year (p.9). We then head over to China’s Beijing to learn how POPULAR is giving their best to promote the new scientific approach to learning transition from preschool to primary school to schools and educators all over the country (p.13). Turning to Hong Kong, we learn about how Popular Learning Centre adopts the “Online to Offline” marketing model to welcome a new school season (p.16). In the previous issue of Popular News, we joined Popular Singapore and Popular Malaysia as they celebrated their staff’s dedication and commitment with their annual Long Service Award (LSA) events. This time round, let us join Popular Hong Kong as they pull out all the stops to hold a scaled-down LSA event that ensured the safety of all their staff while proving to be equally heart-warming and filled with laughter (p.18). The ongoing pandemic has given many the chance to reconsider their priorities in life. We now treasure spending time with our family and friends more than ever. The same can be said about the relationships that many in our big POPULAR family have built up through the years. Let us join Popular Taiwan in their annual reunion dinner (p.30) as they, like in many other parts of the world, embarked to welcome life after the pandemic. The Editorial Team 编辑室 One family, one vision. 大众一家,众人一心 The best way to predict your future is to create it. — Abraham Lincoln (1809 – 1865), 16th president of the United States “预测未来的最佳方式,就是去创造它。” — 亚伯拉罕 • 林肯(1809–1865), 美国第16任总统 亲爱的大众家庭成员们: 光大大众旗舰店于2021年11月功成身退,为大众在槟城的开 拓旅程落下帷幕。在1991年8月开业的光大大众是槟城书店 之光,率先全年每天营业12小时。本期“与众不同”的开篇 故事,让我们随马来西亚大众回顾光大大众的成就,和它带 给槟城读者的喜悦(页4)。 大众是学习与学校教育的代名词,“与众不同”的第 二篇展示了新加坡大众如何确保小顾客与家长们无忧准备 新学年(页9)。随后,我们一起来看看北京大众尽心竭力 地将科学幼小衔接教育推广给在中国的学校与教育工作者 的过程(页13)。在香港,大众教室介绍了采用“线上营销 带动线下消费”(Online To Offline)的营销模式来迎接开学 季(页16)。 上一期的《大众资讯》报道了新加坡大众和马来西亚大 众为员工庆贺长期服务成就,本期则介绍了香港大众如何在 确保大众同仁的安全下,举办一样温馨又充满欢笑的小规模 长期服务颁奖仪式(页18)。 持续的疫情让大家重新审视生活规划的优先顺序,现在 的我们更珍惜与亲友相处的时光,以及与大众家庭成员们多 年来建立的深厚感情。让我们跟随台湾大众的脚步,了解他 们的年度尾牙宴盛况(页30),看他们如何和世界各地的人 们一样,拥抱疫情后的生活。  Head office: POPULAR HOLDINGS LIMITED, 15 Serangoon North Avenue 5, Singapore 554360. Homepage:  

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