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  By Michael Cheung (Hong Kong) 文:张肇中(香港)       Popular Hong Kong held a scaled-down but heart-warming Long Service Award ceremony in their office. 因疫情关系,香港大众为获颁长期服务奖的 同仁在办公室举办了温馨小型的颁奖礼。  20-year LSA recipient Amy Lau, Assistant Publishing Director of Pan Lloyds Group 乐思集团助理出版总监刘东霞获颁20年长期服务奖 18 - popularnews 139 As a fifth wave of COVID-19 infections hit Hong Kong in early 2022, with the appearance of community cases with unknown origins, the authorities moved swiftly to tighten up the various social distancing regulations for all food outlets and restaurants. As a result, Popular Hong Kong was forced to cancel our annual dinner for the second year in a row. However, as POPULAR’s annual Long Service Award (LSA) ceremony is an important event that celebrates the dedication and commitment of our long-serving staff, Popular Hong Kong decided to hold a simple ceremony in our office to express our gratitude to 2022’s LSA recipients. This year, there were a total of 58 LSA recipients. Amongst them was a 30-year veteran from the Logistics Department and a 25-year LSA recipient from the Finance Department. There were four recipients for the 20-year LSA, 13 each for both the 15- year LSA and the 10-year LSA, and 26 for the 5-year LSA. The LSA ceremony was divided into three sessions to avoid large gatherings and to comply with the existing social 

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