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  our staff were quarantined in the hospital and all they could do to pass time was to chat with the security officer through the night, they continued with their work once their test results the next morning were negative for infection. Nothing gets in their way, not even having to speak to their clients for two hours in soaked clothing and footwear due to sudden downpours. These are just a few examples of the challenges that Popular Beijing’s Marketing and Training staff have had to go through in the course of doing their work. All in all, Popular Beijing’s staff covered the many preschools located in the approximately 500 cities spread out in 31 provinces and regions in China. None of our staff backed away from the hardship that came with their assignments as they believe in their work to help more preschools all over China adopt the new scientific approach to let more young children learn in a better system. For this reason, Popular Beijing is also expanding our reach in China rapidly to enable more children and preschools access to POPULAR's high-quality educational products and services. From annual sales conference to preschool education exhibitions and seminars across China, like Zhuhai, Beijing, Qingdao and Suzhou, Popular Beijing aims to do our part in raising awareness to the new national approach to more preschool educators. Furthermore, Popular Beijing also organised various events for the principals and teachers of preschools, as well as Seminar about the new approach in Foshan 佛山民办教育协会科学入学准备研讨会 events for parents and competitions for the students, to ensure all grounds are covered. Our objective is simple: we seek to help preschools build their own unique brands in letting their students learn better through the transition. The Most Reliable Provider The Chinese government’s new policy has transformed the scientific approach to the transition from preschool to primary school from being just a concept into concrete actions. Through it all, Popular Beijing has earned our reputation as the most reliable provider of solutions and assistance in implementing the new approach. Much of the credit for our success goes to the determination and hard work of our sales managers and trainers, as well as our dealership partners and the various preschools around China. Popular Beijing will continue to play our part to ensure that the seeds of the new approach will blossom and bear fruit in more preschools! (Translated by Shawn Pang) 近几年来,中国频频出台有关“去 小学化”、“科学幼小衔接”的 政策文件。2019年起,教育部开始不断 宣传和普及“科学做好入学准备”的重 要性。2020年颁布的《学前教育法》 (草案),更是填补中国学前教育领域 的法律空白,第一次从法律角度明确了 幼小衔接的的重要性。去年,教育部对 科学幼小衔接工作经过近十年的探索后  Winners of the Xinhua Tongli Preschool Education Group Competition 新华同力幼教集团科学入学准备教师示范大赛 14 - popularnews 139 

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