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 mascots for our Textbooks and Assessment Books Department, the Card Soldiers took the lead for our Gadgets & IT Department, and the Dodo – a singing bird in 1951’s Disney feature film, Alice in Wonderland – represented our CD-Rama Department. To ensure that all our visitors could get into the thick of the action, a series of WhatsApp emojis of the various characters were exclusively designed so that our customers could incorporate them into their daily interactions with their family and friends. A Wonderland of Deals & Offers To celebrate the comeback of BookFest@ Malaysia 2021, visitors were treated to a host of fantastic deals and bargains throughout its 10-day duration! First off, visitors to BookFest@Malaysia 2021 were in for a treat as more than 600 books, gadgets and IT items were priced at only RM10 in our “RM10 Treats” promotion! The “Star Buys” promotion saw huge discounts of up to 70% on fiction books, lifestyle books, cool gadgets, and essential stationery items, while “Daily Specials” offered discounts of up to 85% on more than 200 products. The “WOW! Grab Now at BookFest” promotion attracted numerous customers as 16 specially selected items ranging from books to accessories and snacks, were available at their lowest prices, from as low as RM8.50! “Purchase-With-Purchase” deals were offered to customers who had spent up to RM60, while the “Shop & Be Rewarded” deals rewarded customers who had spent above RM120 with POPULAR and our partners vouchers worth more than RM50. BookFest@Malaysia 2021 also marked the first time Popular Malaysia held the “Crazy POP Bargain” via Facebook Live. Plenty of eager customers took part in the virtual bidding to get their hands on more than 20 specially selected items from our Gadgets & IT Department with the low starting price of RM5! This event instantly became the new crowd favourite as there were a variety of electronic products up for grabs at unbelievable prices. Take the example of a brand new pair of earphones, originally priced at RM1,099 and sold at a bid of just RM650! BookFest@Malaysia has always been a great opportunity for Popular Malaysia to promote the POPULAR Card or POPULAR e-Card on the “POPULAR MY” app to new  POPULAR Bookstores were decorated with characters from Alice in Wonderland 大众书局换装成《爱丽丝梦游奇境》场景 6 - popularnews 138 members, and to current members whose membership is due for renewal. BookFest@ Malaysia 2021 proved to be no exception. POPULAR members who had signed up, or renewed, their POPULAR Privilege Card 3-year Premium received an exclusive POPULAR’s Travel Silicone Folding Cup, while those opting for the POPULAR Card 1-year Premium were presented with a Pilot Juice Up Super Smooth writing gel pen as token of our appreciation. To help our customers navigate their way through the dazzling variety of promotions and offers, a physical shopping guide was made available to them as they went about their shopping adventure. An e-Leaflet was also available for those who preferred downloading it onto their smartphones at their convenience. Enchanting Encounters with Authors & Chefs A total of 28 events – including meet- the-author sessions, cooking and product demonstrations – were organised to maximise the BookFest@Malaysia 

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