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  By Akei Wong (Hong Kong) 文:王嘉琪(香港)  In this digital age, we sit for long periods using our computers or mobile phones. The fatigue can cause us to develop bad sitting posture, bringing about conditions such as herniated vertebral disks, rounded shoulders, and cervical spondylosis. Herniated disks cause discomfort while sitting and pains in the lower back. Rounded shoulders lead to neck soreness, affect one’s appearance, and in serious cases, cause poor blood circulation to the brain, resulting in symptoms like dizziness and numbness in the arms. For good sitting posture, keep the waist and shoulders straight, forearms and thighs level with the chair and desk, calves vertically straight, and feet flat on the ground. The seat back cushion should conform to the curvature of the lumbar spine to provide sufficient support for the waist. Arm rests should be at an appropriate height to support the elbow, and ample seat area ensures even distribution of the weight of the body on the hips and the thighs. The Importance of Stretching If you sit for long periods regularly, relax the muscles and joints with stretching exercises. However, take note of your physical condition and avoid over-exertion. In case of any discomfort, stop the exercise immediately. Should the discomfort worsen or spread to other areas of the body, seek professional medical advice immediately. The spine supports the weight of the whole body. Injury can affect one’s general health, so take good care of it and sit up straight! (Translated by Daryl Li ) 在这数码年代,我们常坐着使用电 脑和玩手机,时间长了会感到疲 累,久而久之就不自觉地以错误的姿势 坐着。 错误的坐姿往往会造成脊椎椎间盘 突出、圆肩、颈椎病等。椎间盘突出会 令人坐立不安,腰背疼痛等痛症发生; 圆肩的话,轻则肩颈酸痛和影响外观, 如驼背一样,重则可导致大脑供血不 顺,让人昏昏沉沉、手臂发麻等。 良好的坐姿是保持腰部挺直、上臂 垂直、前臂平放、大腿平放、小腿垂直 以及双脚平放在地上。座椅背垫须符 合腰椎弧度,给予腰部足够的承托。另 外,座椅亦须有高度合适的靠手来承托 手肘,并提供足够面积将身体的重量平 均分布在臀部及大腿。 伸展运动舒筋骨 若因工作不得不久坐,大家可做适当的 伸展运动来舒缓肌肉与筋骨。不过运动 时,一定要了解身体状况,量力而为, 切勿过度运动。若身体在伸展时感到不 适,应立刻停止动作;若不适感加剧或 蔓延,应尽快寻求专业医疗协助。 脊椎支撑全身的重量,极为重要。 若因久坐导致脊椎损伤,身体健康可能 全面受到影响,因此大家切记爱护脊 椎,坐好坐直! 38 - popularnews 138 Sit Up (Right) and Take Notice! 别“坐”出病来 Bad sitting posture can lead to back problems. Change your posture and do stretching exercises to prevent health issues! 错误的坐姿容易引发脊椎病。 改掉不良姿势,多做伸展运动,可防久坐成疾。 

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