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Rainbow     Malaysia’s Pelangi Publishing Group has remained steadfast in helping to shape the future of students through learning. 马来西亚彩虹出版集团矢志帮助学生, 通过学习塑造未来。 The Pelangi Publishing Group Berhad, commonly known as Pelangi, is an educational publishing and printing company established in Malaysia by a team of young teachers in 1979. In 2004, Pelangi became the first Malaysian academic book publishing company to be publicly listed in Bursa Malaysia, the Malaysian stock exchange based in the capital Kuala Lumpur. Today, Pelangi is a full-fledged educational publisher that specialises in editorial, illustration, printing, and distribution services, and has become a regional brand, with branches in Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, China, and the United Kingdom. By Nabihah Baharen (Malaysia) 文:娜比哈·巴哈仁(马来西亚) The of Success 筑起成功的彩虹 138 popularnews - 31 

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