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    the Chronic Diseases Myth 击破慢性病迷思 Dr Tan Sing Yee’s new book breaks down myths about chronic diseases to protect your health! 陈欣怡医生在著作《击破慢性疾病的 迷思50问》带领大家正视疾病, 守护健康! some even taking medicines touted to provide immediate results. "As they lack scientific thinking, many do not even try to find out more about these ‘miracle pills’ before consuming them,” says Dr Tan. “Every new medicine requires evidence from rigorous scientific research and clinical trials before they can be made available to the public.” A Book for Clarity Dr Tan hopes that 50 Questions to Break Down the Myths of Chronic Diseases will help to dispel the myths about chronic diseases and clear up the resulting misunderstandings, which she has often encountered during medical consultations. Despite her years as a medical doctor, Dr Tan cannot help but feel helpless when faced with patients with chronic diseases asking for medicines that will cure them immediately. She laments that chronic diseases do not occur overnight and are not caused by a single event. On the contrary, many chronic diseases come about due to poor eating and lifestyle habits over a lengthy period of time. Dr Tan adds that most patients nowadays are not ignorant but know too much. She has encountered patients who would ask about the efficacy of medicines being recommended on the internet. The information that people come into contact with every day is mindboggling, and it is difficult to distinguish between what is true and what is false, especially those that are neither entirely true nor entirely false. Rumours like what medicine to take when a stroke occurs, or what acupuncture points should be pressed immediately, are very likely to cause delays in the stroke patient receiving proper medical treatment, which may have disastrous consequences. Hoping to address all her patients’ doubts in her book, Dr Tan is harnessing her medical knowledge and experience to help her readers better understand how to deal with chronic diseases and live a healthy lifestyle. For the healthy readers, Dr Tan hopes that they can learn correct health management knowledge through this book and become health guardians for themselves and their families. (Translated by Shawn Pang)  138 popularnews - 29 

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