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   By Perrin Liaw Chai Wui (Malaysia) 文:廖采薇(马来西亚)   Popular Malaysia’s Staff Recognition Awards in 2021 broke from tradition to continue honouring their staff’s contributions during these challenging times. 2021年马来西亚大众的优秀员工奖,以新意表扬同仁在疫情时期的贡献。 An important tradition in Popular Malaysia is celebrating our staff’s dedication and commitment through our annual Staff Recognition Awards (SRA) presentation ceremony, bringing awardees from different parts of Malaysia together under one roof. However, with the implementation of strict social distancing rules to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by the Malaysian government, our SRA presentation ceremony in 2020 had to be cancelled. As the world continues to struggle against the pandemic in 2021, Popular Malaysia’s Human Resources Department decided to organise the 2021 edition of the SRA with a different approach. The Impetus for Change One of the few bright spots in the pandemic has been the accelerated adoption of digital technology to enable us to continue working or learning from our homes. Popular Malaysia decided on a hybrid format for the SRA presentation ceremony in 2021, holding it both physically and online. As we did not want to let any of the 2020 awardees feel left out with the cancellation of their event, we also decided to celebrate the achievements of all awardees from both years in the 2021 presentation ceremony. With this new approach, POPULAR outlets across Malaysia held their own SRA presentation ceremonies at their respective outlets, while the departments within Popular Malaysia headquarters did the same for their own departments. At these local SRA presentation ceremonies, the awards were given out by the heads of department (HODs) or outlet. A separate presentation was organised for all HODs of the Human Resources Department, while another online presentation was held to ensure that the outstation department heads did not miss out on the action. Local SRA Presentation Ceremonies The physical SRA presentations were held in the outlets and departments during the season of joy in December 2021. Each awardee was presented with a certificate of recognition and a gold pendant as a token of POPULAR’s appreciation of their hard work. Additionally, awardees also received beautiful pots of succulent plants symbolising POPULAR’s wishes for our staff’s good health, and for POPULAR and our staff to continue growing together. The organisers of the local SRA were also instructed to take photographs of their respective presentation ceremonies. These images of the joyous occasion were then sent to Popular Malaysia’s Human Resources Department, where the photographs of the awardees receiving their awards were framed and presented to the respective awardees as mementos. Meanwhile, the physical SRA 138 popularnews - 25 

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