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CONTENTS 04 Special Feature 与众不同 04 The Wonderland of Knowledge & Treasure 淘书寻宝到仙境 10 Popular Canada’s Growth and Social Contribution popularnews 138      10 14 40   加拿大大众:稳健发展,回馈社会 In the News 众点新闻 14 Decorating With the Season’s Cheer 巧手装饰庆佳节 17 A Jolly Christmas in POPULAR 众志一心庆圣诞 20 A Christmas Across East and West 横跨东西庆圣诞 23 Standing Together as One POPULAR Heartbeat 长期服务奖:众心齐动,共同迈进! 25 Celebrating Dedication Amid the Pandemic 表彰贡献,疫情无阻 Write On 众心出版 28 Breaking the Chronic Diseases Myth   陈欣怡医生专访:击破慢性病迷思 In the Know 博采众长 31 The Rainbow of Success 筑起成功的彩虹 Pop Corner 众的声音 35 The POPULAR Heartbeat 众心齐动 As a Team, We Are 团队成就我们 36 “The POPULAR Heartbeat” is Here to Stay! 征稿启事:“众心齐动”不停歇! 37 Keeping in the Same Place in 2022 守阵2022 38 Sit Up (Right) and Take Notice! 别“坐”出病来 40 The Magical Yet Mysterious Morocco 神秘奇幻摩洛哥 43 Food Blog 食在好玩 Book Column 众里寻他 44 Kindness Does Not Cost Much 《奇迹男孩》:善良无价 46 Publishing Showcase 悦读大众      Editorial Committee 编辑委员会 Singapore / Malaysia Lim Lee Ngoh 林利娥 Laraine Heng 王美凤 (Singapore) Wong Seok Fone 黄淑芳 (Malaysia) Greater China / Canada Ponch Poon 潘志伟 Natalie Kwan 关永媚 (Hong Kong) Flora Feng 冯伟 (Beijing) Mandy Lai 黎婉琪 (Canada) Sammi Wu 吴家心 (Taiwan) Gina Chen 陈雅琪 (Taiwan)  POPULAR News is a publication for the management and staff of POPULAR. Its objective is to be the official communications medium for the POPULAR family. All feedback from POPULAR staff is welcome. Editorial office reserves the right to make amendments prior to publication. 《大众资讯》是专为大众职员出版的官方刊物,旨于有效地传扬大众的精神和特质。 凡与大众相关意见,请来函指教。本刊对来稿拥有删改权。  

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