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   Popular Singapore gathered to decorate the POPULAR Headquarters for our annual regional Christmas Decoration Competition and spread the festive joy. 新加坡大众为年度区域 圣诞装饰比赛集气, 点缀总部大楼,喜迎佳节。 The inaugural “Christmas Decoration Competition” in 2020 was proposed by Popular Holdings Limited’s Group CEO, Mr Chou Cheng Ngok, to usher in the year-end festivities while spreading the season’s cheer to all members of the POPULAR family by showcasing our “POPULAR Spirit”. The enthusiastic response from the three POPULAR regional headquarters in Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong kickstarted this proud new tradition. In 2021, POPULAR welcomed the second edition of the competition. A Christmas Theme of Sustainability Representatives from various departments across Popular Singapore came together to form a “Christmas Decoration Committee” in preparation for our entry into POPULAR’s Christmas Decoration Competition in 2021. The objective was to brainstorm for ideas to bring a jolly and blissful festive atmosphere to the Popular Singapore office, one that would also showcase our “POPULAR Spirit”. One of the key constraints in the Christmas Decoration Competition was the seemingly low budget assigned to all three teams. This was intended not as a cost- saving tactic, but to encourage our staff to think out of the box to ensure sustainability in everything we do as a global socially responsible corporate citizen. POPULAR’s approach is in line with Singapore’s Sustainability Development Goals, and Popular Singapore was hoping to play our part in the 3Rs of Sustainability: “Reduce”, “Reuse” and “Recycle”. Therefore, the majority of our Christmas decorations were handmade by reusing used carton boxes, old magazines, and existing materials such as write-off books and an old ladder. A Colourful Christmas Filled with Candies As POPULAR Headquarters are also home to our three tenants of childcare centres, the committee’s thoughts quickly turned to the children who would be passing by our Christmas decorations on their way By Katherine Tan (Singapore) 文:陈珏均(新加坡)  138 popularnews - 17 

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