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 Celebrating a Jolly Zero Waste Christmas Visitors to Popular Malaysia headquarters were surrounded by a festive Christmas atmosphere as they were welcomed by the reception counter which had been transformed into a homely brick fireplace, with a warm fire blazing within. A Christmas tree of stacked paper cups was located at the lobby along with a snowman sporting three buttons, with the flags representing the three offices of Singapore, Hong Kong, and Malaysia participating in POPULAR’s Christmas Decoration Competition. The ambience of the staircase had been transformed by the three-dimensional Christmas wallpapers on the risers. At the landing midway up the stairs was a rustic-looking “Christmas Wishing Tree” made using wooden sticks and ropes, and decorated with notes of well wishes written by Popular Malaysia’s staff. Next to the wishing tree stood a few unique reindeers handmade from wooden sticks. Looking up, our visitors would find a jolly welcome by the many elves sitting happily around the handrail surrounding the stairwell. These were handmade using recycled stretch film cone and recycled colour paper. Reaching the first floor, they would find the hard-to-miss bulletin board, which looked different from the usual variety. Decked in a striking red background, recycled paper had been cut into various shapes to represent the three POPULAR offices competing in the annual Christmas Decoration Competition. Standing out from the white “Christmas Street” were three iconic landmarks from where the three offices are based – Marina Bays Sands in Singapore, the Bank of China Tower in Hong Kong and the Petronas Twin Towers in Malaysia. The white deer head mounted on the wall above the bulletin board was completely handmade from recycled paper, encapsulating the spirit of “A Joyful Christmas in POPULAR”. In line with the theme of “Have a Jolly Zero Waste Christmas”, the team included a Christmas tree made from a ladder at the entrance of the left wing decorated with a reindeer and ornaments made from carton boxes. At the entrance to the right wing, recycled paper was used to make the wall decorations and paper cups were used to make a tiny reindeer. Wearing the “POPULAR Spirit” on Their Sleeves Popular Malaysia’s Christmas decorations had fulfilled the objective to spread the season’s cheer to every staff. Our staff were evidently taking in the visual feast in front of them with the completion of the decorations, exclaiming “I feel like I’m working in a shopping mall; it feels so good to come to work every day!” and “I’m so happy to see the decorations!”. Besides the creativity and craftmanship on full display in all of Popular Malaysia’s Christmas decorations, the entire process was an excellent opportunity to foster unity and teamwork within our staff. Each individual member involved wore their “POPULAR Spirit” on their sleeves as they put their heart and soul into making decorations worthy of the top spot on the winner’s podium. It was no surprise that Popular Malaysia was declared the winner for a second year! Congratulations to Popular Malaysia for a job well done! 138 popularnews - 15 

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