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   Popular Malaysia’s creativity and craftmanship ensured their victory in POPULAR’s Christmas Decoration Competition for the second year in a row! 马来西亚大众发挥创意和 技艺,蝉联第二届大众圣 诞装饰比赛冠军。 To bring out the true meaning of “A Joyful Christmas in POPULAR”, the theme of POPULAR’s 2021 Christmas Decoration Competition, Popular Malaysia decided to get all our staff involved. Aimed at fostering the creativity of our staff while giving them a morale boost during the year-end festivities, the fun of decorating our office and cubicles would, no doubt, spread the season’s cheer to all staff of Popular Malaysia through showcasing our “POPULAR Spirit”. Uplifting Spirit and Sustainability This time round, Popular Malaysia decided to incorporate the Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) standards into our decoration process. Designed to evaluate a firm’s collective conscientiousness in social and environmental issues like climate change and sustainability, ESG also looks at how a company manages relationships with its employees, suppliers, customers and the community, as well as corporate governance. The utilisation of recycled materials in our Christmas decorations was an important component under the “Environmental” portion of ESG, while the strict adherence to the social distancing requirements represented Popular Malaysia’s commitment to taking care of our staff and the community at large. Popular Malaysia’s Christmas decoration activities had the added benefit of letting our staff participate in a meaningful event to shake off the fatigue they experienced in coping with the strict social restrictions. Every department was assigned an area to decorate using only recycled materials. 14 - popularnews 138 By Perrin Liaw Chai Wui (Malaysia) 文:廖采薇(马来西亚)  

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