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   1 -p 1 0 0 po - o p pu Popular Canada’s Growth and Social Contribution 加拿大大众:稳健发展,回馈社会 Chief Operating Officer Joe Mastrogiacomo speaks about the synergy between Popular Canada’s commitment to children’s education and its social responsibilities. 加拿大大众深耕儿童教育,履行社会责任,运营总监佐·马斯特 罗贾科莫先生分享两者相辅相成的关系。 As POPULAR celebrates its 98th anniversary, Popular Canada enters its 28th year of operations. Today, its reach has extended beyond Canada, with schools and individuals in China, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Jordan, Germany, Denmark, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Italy, Papua New Guinea, and Mexico choosing Popular Canada’s educational products and learning resources. To shed light on POPULAR’s support of Popular Canada in charitable causes, Popular News reached out to Joe Mastrogiacomo, Popular Canada’s Chief Operating Officer, who has helped ensure that we fulfil our social responsibility in meaningful ways and greatly contributed to the company’s growth. By Joe Mastrogiacomo (Canada) 文:佐·马斯特罗贾科莫(加拿大)   u l l a ar r n n e ew w s s 1 13 38 8 

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