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Property POPULAR ventured into the property market in 2006.

POPULAR’s core business lies in retail and book publishing. But as rents continue to hike, the book industry, which has been generating marginal profits, is made to carry an even heavier burden. Financial support is essential to the continuity of the book industry. Therefore, POPULAR has entered the property market – with strategies aimed at developing projects of a diverse nature – to shore up the capital needed for retail and publishing expansion.

With POPULAR’s established cultural image, its venture into the property market has won the trust of the public. POPULAR continues to live up to the public’s expectations by using the returns from the sale of its properties to further contribute to the book industry.

The vision of Popular Land is to develop distinctive properties in choice locations, setting the standards for exclusive living through working with top-notch architects and project consultants to create quality properties that scales the heights of quality and design.
Development Projects
One Robin
18 Shelford
8 Raja