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 years ago with their creative concept of "mental health made visible" through well-received animal illustrations that are cute and humorous. Their third book, Being Alone is Happiness Too, was launched at the HKBF 2021 in last July. Although they were unable to travel to Hong Kong due to the pandemic, one of the authors, psychotherapist Antti Ervasti, held an online seminar during HKBF 2021 to discuss how to distinguish between loneliness and being alone. He also gave some advice on how to deal with loneliness and how to share emotional support during the pandemic. The theme of CupOfTherapy’s third book is "loneliness", as it is part of our life even though nobody likes to speak about it. Emphasising that there is nothing embarrassing about feeling lonely, Antti states that being alone is a transition in life as everyone needs to set aside some personal time to stay in touch with their inner selves. A key advantage of online seminars is that participants may avoid the apprehension of asking a question in person. Furthermore, an online seminar also lets participants outside of Hong Kong, from places such as Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, Australia and Taiwan, join in the interaction. Live Streaming at HKBF 2021 Despite the multitude of online activities, physical interactions in brick-and-mortar bookstores still hold a special significance for authors and readers alike. The Commercial Press set aside an 800-square- foot space in their new bookstore in Tsim Sha Tsui Book Centre to serve as "the HUB event hall X the CREDIT live broadcast room", letting readers meet their favourite authors in person while broadcasting live on the internet. In fact, during the opening of the new bookstore, two Ichiban Book authors – illustrator Lala and photographer Schindler Leung – were interviewed live at the HKBF 2021’s “My Book One” event. Their interviews, which are still available for viewing online, have already had over a thousand views. The host for Lala’s interview was writer Miha, a senior lecturer at Hong Kong Baptist University’s Department of Humanities and Creative Writing whose real name is Louis Ho. Miha expressed his love-hate relationshipwithLala’slatestbook,The100 Whys of Japan 3, as the content evoked many good memories of travelling in Japan but also reminded him of not being able to travel there due to the pandemic. Meanwhile, Lala expressed her hope that her new book would help readers learn more about Japan with the answers to questions like “Why is fugu so expensive?” and “Why are transparent umbrellas so popular?” Her new book even contains a section about the basics of Japanese sake to help her readers choose as the drink has become popular in Hong Kong in recent years. Photography Skills for Autumn The host for Schindler Leung’s interview was Dr Chan Ka Ming, a lecturer at The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong’s Department of Social Science. Leung opined that Hong Kong boasts beautiful scenery, and because of its small size, many good shooting spots are close at hand. His latest book, Hong Kong Photography Guide 3 – 111 Strategies for Photographing Hong Kong’s Scenic Spots, shows readers how to do just that, capturing a gorgeous sunset against the bustling city and its elevated railway while on an overhead bridge in Kwun Tong during the evening rush hour. Just an hour’s drive brings you to Yuen Long District’s Fung Lok Wai, where you can take pictures of a sea of flowers just like those in Japan, or the peaceful Pak Sha Wan Pier No 2 in Sai Kung, which evokes A sketch drawn by YoHare’s illustrator that features the students with the stars of Interesting Capitals of the World 洋洋兔的插画师何老师,即席绘画了同学 们 与图书主角的“合照” 140 popularnews - 5 

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