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    By April Tse & Lotus Chan (Hong Kong) 文:谢皓婷、陈洛敏(香港)   Moving Kam Pui Enterprises Online 金培企业:线上线下新动向 Ichiban Book, Seashore Publishing and World Publishing Company keep up with the times with online meet-the-author sessions and a YouTube cooking channel. 一丁文化、海滨图书公司与世界出版社举办线上作者分享会,推出YouTube煮食 频道,紧贴潮流。 Readers no longer just want to read a new book when it is launched – they also look forward to interacting with its author. As all physical book launches were suspended during the pandemic, Ichiban Book, Seashore Publishing Company and World Publishing Company decided to move our meet-the-author sessions online to reach a wider audience while transcending geographical boundaries. A Child’s Window to the World Many young readers of YoHare’s children's encyclopaedia are curious about its author. Some even wonder if YoHare is really a hare. Hence, World Publishing Company invited representatives from the celebrated Beijing cartoon firm to a special online event with students from The Church of Christ in China 4 - popularnews 140 Heep Woh Primary School (Cheung Sha Wan). Titled "A Window to Understand the World", the book reading session let the young readers learn all about YoHare’s latest book, Interesting Capitals of the World. Divided into two sessions for lower and upper primary children, more than 300 students participated in the lively event, which began with a YoHare illustrator making an impromptu sketch that featured the students with the stars of Interesting Capitals of the World, A Duoduo and Polar Bear. A YoHare editor then showcased the different capitals around the world through interactive games. The last capital to be featured was China’s capital, Beijing. The editor, who was from Beijing, introduced the students to the Forbidden City, siheyuan, the Summer Palace, and various Beijing snacks. During the question-and- answer session, some students expressed their gratitude to the representatives by inviting them to visit Hong Kong after the pandemic. Interesting Capitals of the World leads young readers on a journey around the world with an approach that they are comfortable with. It came in ninth in the primary school category of the 18th edition of The 10 Best Books Recommended by Teachers organised by Hong Kong Education City, a government-owned company working towards better adaptation-to-change curriculum initiatives through technology. Talking About Loneliness and Being Alone Finland’s CupOfTherapy first appeared at the Hong Kong Book Fair (HKBF) two 

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