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EDITOR’S NOTE Dear POPULAR family members, The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many changes to the way we live and work, but its impact to businesses around the world has been no less significant. The accelerated adoption of using the internet to work and learn from our homes has seen many businesses moving more of their operations online to stay in touch with the consumers. In this issue’s first special feature, let us join Popular Hong Kong as the imprints of Kam Pui Enterprises – Ichiban Book, Seashore Publishing, and World Publishing Company – bring their meet-the- author sessions during the Hong Kong Book Fair 2021 online to let more readers from different locations in the world participate in the fun (p.4). Indeed, change can create new opportunities. We head over to Malaysia to learn how Popular Malaysia’s Education Publishing House (EPH) set up their second publishing unit to capitalise on the strong demand from the secondary school students for affordable quality supplementary educational materials in this issue’s second special feature (p.9). As the world starts returning to normalcy, more workers are returning to their offices. The experience of having to work from home during the pandemic remains singular for many people, including the staff of POPULAR. We join Popular Canada as their staff recount their work-from-home experience and share their thoughts for the future (p.13). We are also just in time to hear Popular Singapore reveal the thought and meticulous planning that went into their recent change of retail uniforms (p.19). After which, we join the elated staff of Popular Guangzhou as they celebrate their 20th anniversary this year (p.22). A successful corporate endeavour is the result of team effort. Though the contribution of the nuts and bolts may usually go unnoticed in the grand scheme of things, the significance of every staff’s commitment and dedication does not. In this issue’s Popular Personality, we join Popular Malaysia to learn the story of one such example (p.26). The Editorial Team 编辑室 One family, one vision. 大众一家,众人一心 A challenge only becomes an obstacle when you bow to it.   “只有当你向挑战低头时,它才会成为障碍。” 亲爱的大众家庭成员们: — Ray A. Davis, American writer 2019新冠疫情不仅改变了我们生活和工作的方方面面,也为 全球的商业运营带来了深远的影响。远程工作和学习成了常 态,众多商家顺应形势,将营销转战网络平台,继续为消费 者服务。本期的“与众不同”报道了大众在香港的业务单 位,即金培企业的一丁文化、海滨图书公司、世界出版社, 如何在2021年香港书展期间,通过线上作者见面会,让各地 读者与作家们相见欢(页4)。 改变也意味着新契机。本期的另一篇“与众不同”, 记录了马来西亚大众的教育出版社设立第二个出版部门的经 过,他们齐心协力,集中资源,竭力满足市场上对价廉质高 的中学教辅书的强劲需求(页9)。 当世界渐从疫情中恢复正轨,越来越多职员重返工作场 所。居家工作对许多人而言,包括大众员工,都是独一无二 的体验,加拿大大众的同仁们各自分享了居家办公的点点滴 滴,以及对未来的期许(页13)。新加坡大众则详录了零售 员工新制服的诞生,极富巧思(页19)。喜气洋洋的广州大 众同仁,也与我们分享成立20周年的喜悦(页22)。 团队精神是企业成功进取的必要元素,最强后盾是一颗 颗默默无闻的“小”螺丝,即每一位大众集团素来珍而重之 的成员。本期“风云众人”讲述的,就是马来西亚大众的叶 佛保这一位优秀同仁的故事(页26)。 — 美国作家雷·戴维斯   Head office: POPULAR HOLDINGS LIMITED, 15 Serangoon North Avenue 5, Singapore 554360. Homepage:  

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