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  Heart-warming Feedback from the Customers The outlets are the frontline where the daily interactions with our customers take place. As Futt Paw’s job also includes handling requests and enquires from the customers, he has had to learn how to deal with all types of personalities. When handling demanding customers, Futt Paw strives to remain professional while meeting their needs or resolving any difficulties they might have encountered when shopping at POPULAR. Some customers also tend to be too emotional when asking for his assistance, but he takes everything in his stride." he says. "Everyone behaves differently, so there is really no point in dwelling on these encounters." Of course, Futt Paw has also had his fair share of pleasant encounters too. As his stint at a particular outlet usually lasts around three years or more, some of his customers become familiar with him over time and even treat him like an old friend. In fact, some of them even pack some treats for him whenever they go to the outlet he is at. Futt Paw does not think he is good at expressing himself. Nevertheless, these heart-warming gestures prove that he has won over the customers in his normal interactions, which have become one of the most rewarding aspects of the job. Making History at BookFest@Malaysia In 2006, Futt Paw was transferred to the Warehouse Department at the Popular Malaysia headquarters to serve as the retail supervisor of BookFest@Malaysia. Except for his colleagues in the same department, he was constantly surrounded by books wherever he went. Futt Paw chuckles as he says that he felt more relaxed as he did not have to interact with customers and only needed to deal with books and other merchandise. The inaugural BookFest@Malaysia was held that year and Futt Paw was one of the Popular Malaysia staff involved in organising it. Everyone was nervous about the large-scale event, but also looked forward to it with much anticipation. Futt Paw can still recall their hectic schedule to make sure that all the merchandise was displayed properly on the shelves in the exhibition hall of the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. Even after the book fair was officially opened, he was busy helping out as a cashier. The teething problems at the opening soon settled into a routine that ran smoothly. Since then, Futt Paw has participated in every edition of BookFest@Malaysia over the years. During this period, he was moved to Balakong to manage the warehouse for BookFest@Malaysia. After more than a decade of living with books, Futt Paw has returned to the frontline again. In 2021, he was transferred to the Mid Valley City outlet as he resumed serving the customers. If you happen to visit the POPULAR Mid Valley City outlet and run into Futt Paw, remember to say hello! ( Translated by Shawn Pang) 聚光灯通常聚焦在主角身上,或是 一国之君、一州之长,或是公司 掌舵人、冠军人物......然而,在灯光下 的阴影处,总有我们不大注意到的一颗 颗坚守岗位、分工合作、支撑着整个机 构运作的不可缺少的小螺丝。叶佛保, 正是这么一颗拧紧在大众书局主体上的 螺丝。 从一份工作到一个事业 1986年,叶佛保加入茨厂街大众书局门 市,担任零售副主管,这也是他毕业后 的第一份工作。当年这家门市成立不到 三年,是当地人及外来客的相聚地标之 一,佛保见证了其从一家新门市,逐步 成为人们心中非去不可的书香宝地。可 惜这家承载着许多人共同回忆的门市在 2016年熄灯,从时代洪流中功成身退。 1997年,佛保暂别茨厂街门市,被 调派到金河广场门市。随后,他也陆续 140 popularnews - 27 

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