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     In the Grand Scheme of Things 叶佛保: 小螺丝,大力量 It is the nuts and bolts that keep POPULAR humming along, as exemplified by Popular Malaysia’s Yap Futt Paw. 叶佛保,一颗拧紧在大众书局主体上的螺丝。 While the spotlight typically falls on the lead actor or the leader, a successful corporate endeavour is the result of a team effort that involves the commitment and dedication of many others. These nuts and bolts that usually go unnoticed are indispensable to any corporation. Popular Malaysia’s Yap Futt Paw is one such example. From First Job to a Career Futt Paw joined the POPULAR outlet on Petaling Street in 1986 as its deputy head of retail. It was his first job after graduation. Located in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur, the bookstore had opened less than three years before but had already become one of the city’s landmarks for both locals and foreigners. Having witnessed its rise as a destination for many booklovers, Futt Paw doubtlessly felt more than a tinge of sadness when the Petaling Street outlet closed in 2016. Futt Paw first left the Petaling Street outlet in 1997. Transferred to the Sungei Wang Plaza outlet, he was subsequently deployed to other outlets, including Hankyu Jaya in Bangsar and IOI City Mall in Putrajaya. During one of the transfers, Futt Paw returned to Petaling Street as the retail head of the POPULAR Bookstore in Lee Rubber Building. In all, Futt Paw has spent 18 years working in the various outlets. The 56-year- old, who considers himself an introvert, recalls his time in POPULAR as a journey of hard work and fulfilment. Futt Paw says that he enjoys his work in the bookstore. Thus, he is more than happy to work on all aspects of running a bookstore, putting up the products for display, organising the store, and checking the stocks of books, stationery, and audio-visual products every day. His daily list of tasks must be daunting. He even knows all the existing promotions and offers to enable him to share the latest news with his customers. 26 - popularnews 140 By Ong Hooi Hoon (Malaysia) 文:王慧芬(马来西亚) 

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