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    2022 is a year of great significance for Popular Guangzhou as we celebrate our 20th birthday. Hand in hand, we have scaled peak after peak over these two decades. Popular Guangzhou has always adhered to a people-oriented spirit, creating excellent products with care and becoming a strong pillar for POPULAR. Facing Challenges with Innovation and Development Faced with fierce market competition, along with the impact of the pandemic, our customers’ needs, working methods, and business models all saw great changes. Under the overall planning by Popular Guangzhou, changes were swiftly implemented. From creating simple CD-ROM media in the early days to the development of popular e-learning software suites today, Popular Guangzhou has continually challenged technical limitations, incorporating new elements and ideas to gradually transition into digital sphere and upgrading our capabilities. This year, Pan Lloyds Hong Kong brought reinvigorating new lines of thinking to the supplementary practice market, launching the AI learning platform APlus. The Publishing Department of Pan Lloyds Guangzhou provided great assistance, actively supporting this massive project. Even though the past two years have been heavily affected by the pandemic, Popular Guangzhou’s Procurement Department ensured that the required products would arrive in locations such as Singapore and Malaysia punctually, becoming a strong pillar of support for POPULAR. Of note, the latest series launched by POP Urban saw an excellent market reception. A Colourful Annual Meeting Online In 2021, Popular Guangzhou initiated the Annual Cloud Meeting, which has been well received. This year, the programme for the Annual Cloud Meeting was even more colourful. Each department painstakingly produced electronic briefings that vividly introduced their daily work, enhancing inter-department understanding and cooperation. The lion dance segment and the relay between colleagues signified well wishes for booming business for POPULAR. A grand ceremony for the Long Service Awards was also held, honouring the dedication of colleagues who have contributed to the company’s development over many years. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Popular Guangzhou, colleagues from the Pan Lloyds Publishing Department even design and produced a series of vibrant and lovely perpetual calendars. This simple ornament represented long-lasting blessings. Team Building in Joy and Vitality To reward our colleagues for their hard work this year, this year’s annual meeting featured a meal at the White Swan Hotel in Guangzhou. This five-star hotel has a first-class environment and unforgettable food. Additionally, the company also meticulously organised outdoor team- building activities. With colleagues typically communicating only about work daily, this provided an excellent opportunity to enhance understanding and relationships between colleagues. By Luo Mi Jie (Guangzhou) 文:罗米洁(广州)  22 - popularnews 140 

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